Obligatory Trump Post #5,387

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So the media is examining itself again lately.  Pundits are asking, “Why is the media so afraid of calling Trump a ‘liar’?” Well, Michael Cohen at the Boston Globe is among the many who have had enough: Donald Trump is a liar. For anyone who has been following the Republican presidential campaign for the past few months, this statement will … Read More

Palin Started It

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Light blogging as things are busy, but I had to draw attention to this op-ed by William Paley in the Washington Post, entitled “The GOP’s dysfunction all started with Sarah Palin” because I think it is right on the money, i.e.: Once McCain put Palin on the ticket, Republican “grown-ups,” who presumably knew better, had to bite their tongues. But after … Read More

Oh Noes! Michelle Is In Trouble!!

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From The Daily Beast: The Hindenburg. The Titanic. Michele Bachmann. Eighteen months ago, the Minnesota House member was considered an unlikely but undeniable Republican rising star, winning the Iowa straw poll that unofficially begins the primary season. Today, she is embroiled in a litany of legal proceedings related to her rolling disaster of a presidential campaign—including a Office of Congressional Ethics investigation into campaign … Read More

Quote Of The Day

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“The GOP today is a tale of two parties. One of them, the gubernatorial wing, is growing and successful. The other, the federal wing, is increasingly marginalizing itself, and unless changes are made, it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future.” – opening sentences of the report commissioned by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus … Read More

I’m Back

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Went to NYC with the girl, and saw some good shows, but missed several things.  The Patriots losing for one, which I could have missed anywhere.   And the inauguration.  Inauguration speeches, particularly those for a second term, often become historical (or, at least, a line or two does).  And Obama is a good orator, so I thought maybe there … Read More

Didn’t Want Those Grapes Anyway

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This article in the Boston Globe is a good wrap-up summary of the very basic ways in which the Romney campaign went so wrong… and the Obama campaign worked so well. Key paragraph informs us that Romney wasn't that into being President anyway. More than being reticent, Romney was at first far from sold on a second presidential run. Haunted … Read More

Lie Of The Year

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Politifact judges Romney Jeep ad "Lie of the Year". And they also did a reader survey for biggest lie of the year.  First place went to Rush Limbaugh, for his comments on health care being "the largest tax increase in the history of the world." Many readers commented that they voted not for that particular statement, but because they think … Read More

Worst Punditry of 2012

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Over at Pundittracker, they've come up with their three final candidates for the Worst Political Prediction of 2012: (1) Conservative Pundits: Romney will win the election in a landslide We decided that it was unfair to single out any one of these predictions, since they all met the threshold of being spectacularly off-target. Pundit Prediction Larry Kudlow Romney will get 330 … Read More

Romney Was The Moral Winner Of The Election

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Mitt Romney was nothing but a stone cold rebel. Didn't fit and didn't care. He was just going to have fun, keep it real, stick it to the losers and generally blow the doors off the whole place whatever the DC crowd and the insiders and the elites thought. And damn if he didn't win the whole thing in the … Read More

Romney at 47 Percent

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After Obama won, most of us stopped caring about the popular vote count.  But the count continued, and the votes trickled in days — and even weeks — later.  Now, via David Wasserman's invaluable chart, we can make it official: Romney WON 47.43 percent of the vote, making it impossible to round up. He is the 47 percent, a truly ironic … Read More

Give It Up Already

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It seems the soul-searching phase lasted about two weeks for Dean Chambers, founder of the Unskewed Poll Movement and creator of unskewedpolls.com. Dean has just launched BarackoFraudo.com, a new site dedicated to explaining how President Obama won the 2012 election by fraud.

If The Campaigns Were Businesses

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Mitt Romney ran for president largely on his experience as a businessman, and how he could bring fiscal responsibility to America. But if you look at the spending in the campagin, Romney was a horrible businessman.  Take a look at the ad buys for September in one market, Columbus, Ohio. Romney was paying nearly four times as much per television spot … Read More

Romney Is The Douchebag We All Thought He Was

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From the NY Times: Saying that he and his team still felt “troubled” by his loss to President Obama, Mitt Romney on Wednesday attributed his defeat in part to what he called big policy “gifts” that the president had bestowed on loyal Democratic constituencies, including young voters, African-Americans and Hispanics. In a conference call with fund-raisers and donors to his … Read More