Moving To The Right, McCain Lost The Center

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This graphic in the New York Times, slightly modified by Kevin Drum, speaks volumes:   By selecting Sarah Palin as VP, and my constantly speaking the rhetoric of the far right, McCain has lost what he needed to win this thing: the votes of the independents. Kevin Drum suggests that McCain was in a no-win situtation from the get-go; that … Read More

Vote For McCain — He’ll Help With Your Groceries

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I can’t believe this is their nominee: By the way, not only will he help you with groceries, but he’ll actually get the mandarin oranges FOR you, as you explain to him (with the patience one would emply for one’s senile grandfather) why bigger jars mean economy-size, and name brands tend to be more expensive than generic brands. And if … Read More

Wright? Riiiiight.

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So it seems that black pastor Jeremiah Wright gave a speech at the NAACP and to the National Press Club this morning, and said some controversial stuff. So I’ve decided I’m not going to vote for him if he runs for President. Now can we get back to the issues?


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I haven’t been paying attention to politics, but I can’t seem to get my head around this whole Obama ‘bitter" thing. For those of you who (like me) don’t have a program to the latest controversy, apparently Obama was speaking at a San Fran fundraiser a few days ago, and opined that "bitterness" is the reason small town voters in … Read More

Obama Girl

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I confess: I don’t get all the hub-bub and titters regarding the fact that Giuliani’s daughter, age 17, has declared herself (in her Facebook profile) to be a "liberal" and a supporter of Barack Obama. Both Rudy’s kids from his second wife are estranged from him.  Are they somehow still obligated to adopt the same political philsophies as him?

The Bloomberg Effect

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So NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was a lifelong Democrat before he ran (and won) as a Republican in 2001, is now leaving the GOP to start a bid as the "independent" candidate for President.  As a man literally made of money, he can mount a huge campaign.  No, he’ll never be president, but he can become a Naderesque spoiler. … Read More

Let’s Compare

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Paul at Powerline: "Feeling the wind at his back," as Fox News puts it, Barack Obama announced today that he is filing papers for a presidential exploratory committee. Unless one counts his good looks, good speaking, and bi-racial status, it’s difficult to discern Obama’s qualifications for the presidency. Obama has never run anything of substance. His experience in national politics … Read More

Dems In New England

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(1)  The recounting is done in Connecticut’s 2nd District, and Democrat Joe Courtney won — by 97 votes.  97.  Wow.  This means that there is only one Republican Congressman from all of New England (Chris Shays of Connecticut) (2)  Carol Shea-Porter is the new Democratic congressman from NH (who supposedly never stood a chance to win).  Her victory is explained … Read More

The Shift

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Who voted Democratic this year?  Seems like everybody.  Below is a chart listing the shifts in all sorts of demographic groups (compared to how those groups voted in 2004): GenderWomen: +15Men: +11 EthnicityWhites: +14African-Americans: +1Latinos: +30Asian: +13Other: -1 Age18-29: +1330-44: +1545-59: +1060 and over: +10 IncomeUnder $15K: +10$15K-$30K: +10$30K-$50K: +12$50K-$75K: +15$75K-$100K: +10$100K-$150K: +10$150K-$200K: +12$200K and over: +20 Union membershipUnion members: … Read More

Election 2006: A Victory For Conservatives?

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That’s the spin.  Conservatives are trying to argue that the election results point to a victory for conservatism.  This morning, for example, George Will writes that "conservatism continued its advance Tuesday." What’s the basis for this argument?  Apparently, it’s because some of the Democrats who won were not actual socialists*. They point to people like Lieberman, who won out over … Read More