This Won’t Fly

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Not the answer: The White House is considering a controversial proposal to study whether mass shootings could be prevented by monitoring mentally ill people for small changes that might foretell violence. Former NBC Chairman Bob Wright, a longtime friend and associate of President Trump’s, has briefed top officials, including the president, the vice president and Ivanka Trump, on a proposal to create … Read More

Psychologists Shame GOP For Blaming Massacres On ‘Mental Health’

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The Republican attempt to pin the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton on “mental health” issues was rebuked by the American Psychological Association on Monday. “Routinely blaming mass shootings on mental illness is unfounded and stigmatizing,” said APA President Rosie Phillips Davis in a statement. “Research has shown that only a very small percentage of violent acts are committed by people who … Read More

Last Night’s Mass Killing

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Twelve people including a police officer were killed by a veteran of the Marines at a crowded bar in Thousand Oaks, California, late Wednesday, officials said. Several hundred people were inside the venue, which was hosting a “college country night” for students, police said. The veteran, Ian Long, 28, who died of a gunshot wound, suffered from PTSD. Long has a … Read More

Van Slams Into Toronto Pedestrians; Possible Terrorist Attack

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Police have arrested a suspect after a white van mounted the curb and struck numerous pedestrians in Toronto. The incident happened on Yonge Street south of Finch Avenue around 1:30 p.m. today. A suspect was arrested beside the van on Poyntz Avenue off of Yonge, just south of Sheppard Avenue West. The van is marked as belonging to the rental … Read More

Rape Survivor Jailed

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Lovely: A bipolar rape survivor was jailed for nearly a month in Houston after she broke down while testifying against her rapist. In jail, she was allegedly abused and mistaken as a sex offender. Now she’s suing the prosecutor who sent her to jail, a jail guard who allegedly hit her, and others. The 25-year-old woman, known as Jane Doe, … Read More

Lady Dynamite: A Review

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I have had a girlfriend with bipolar issues, and another who has since developed identity diffusion disorder* (formally known as multiple personality disorder).  I’ve worked with informal counselling of families and friends of people stricken with mental illness.  Because of that, I can attest to the fact that it is no picnic to be in their shoes, or anywhere near … Read More

Spot-On Review of Maria Bamford

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Forget Amy Schumer.  Yes Amy is funny, but she’s becoming a bit of a Johnny One-Note. (Yes, we get it, Amy — you are beautiful even if you’re not a size 4, but how many times do we have to applaud your body and being “brave” about it?). But for my money, the real edge-y woman of comedy is Mario Bamford. Which … Read More

A Reminder

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you — or someone you know — need help, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If you are outside of the U.S., please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of international resources. Prevalence of Mental Illness Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experiences … Read More

RIP Patty Duke

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Another 69 year old dies. As a teen, she won an Oscar for The Miracle Worker.  Duke became best known in later life as an advocate for mental health issues, after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1982 Her last two tweets: Hi tweethearts and FB friends. I have been absent, but not far, believe me. I love and miss you all. … Read More

Emotional President Moves On Gun Control

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White House insiders have long said that the worst day of Obama’s presidency was the day of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. What should have been a 9/11 moment for the whole nation turned out to be nothing — as in nothing changed.  Congress voted against reasonable laws like universal background checks. It is clear … Read More

Disease Of The Week

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It’s called dementia with Lewy’s Bodies, and Robin Williams.  So says his widow, citing the cause of his suicide.  It wasn’t depression that caused the suicide, so much as the dementia with Lewy’s Bodies which caused the depressions which caused the suicide. I have to be honest here: Is attribution to a physical illness merely a way to make a mental … Read More

Florida Can No Longer Lock Mentally Disabled People And Forget About Them

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Fifteen years ago, J.R. — an intellectually disabled man who “functions as a seven-year old.” — was charged with sexual battery, but he was never tried because a court found him incompetent to stand trial. Instead, J.R. was involuntarily committed to a residential mental facility by a court order that contains no end date. End of story.  You see, under … Read More

John Oliver On Mental Health

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Mental health is in the news again, but only because of another mass shooting.  Mental health is a problem even without the ease of access to guns.  All the politicians agree that the mental health care system in this country is abysmal, but they rarely do anything about it.  Obamacare, to its credit, was a good first (albeit small) step … Read More