If The Campaigns Were Businesses

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

Mitt Romney ran for president largely on his experience as a businessman, and how he could bring fiscal responsibility to America.

But if you look at the spending in the campagin, Romney was a horrible businessman.  Take a look at the ad buys for September in one market, Columbus, Ohio.

Romney was paying nearly four times as much per television spot as Obama.

What went on?

The cost differential is attributable to the fact that Team Obama bought “preemptable” or or “lowest unit rate” ads — while Team Romney paid for “fixed,” non-preemptable rates.

“Obama could deliver 1,000 points for a fourth as much as Romney,” said one source.

So why didn’t Team Romney negotiate better rates? Since spots are typically not bumped in early September, the notion of reserving non-preemptable ads — in order to guarantee they would air — seems implausible.

According to our source, Team Obama simply did the “due diligence to find where the lowest unit rate was,” a tedious process which “takes manpower.”

Conversely, it appears Team Romney simply didn’t want bother with the hassle. So they threw money at the problem — and walked away.

This, no doubt, saved a lot of time and energy. But it also cost a lot of money.

Wow. Some businessman.

Oh, and for larfs, here's a photo of Romney taken yesterday, pumping his own gas: