Should Miss Teen USA Forfeit Her Crown?

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As 18-year-old Texan Karlie Hay celebrated being crowned Miss Teen USA 2016 last Saturday, social media users began circulating tweets containing the N-word that were linked to an account bearing her name. The offending tweets were posted in 2013 and 2014. That Twitter account is now private and locked, but Hay issued an apology early Sunday morning on her public … Read More

Miss America Pageant Notes

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There was a time when beauty pageants made the occasional appearance on this blog, but I think it has been a few years. Anyway, I watched the spectacle last night (as well as the US Open Final) and I have this to say: It is increasingly difficult in this day and age to see this as an enlightened and forward-thinking … Read More

Miss Utah Crowned As New Youtube Babbling Pageant Contestant

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It’s been six years, but the memory of Miss South Carolina Teen USA contestant Caite Upton tackling a pretty straightforward question about the geographical ignorance of our fellow Americans with words fished out of the garbage disposal is as fresh as ever: “People in our nation don’t have maps, The Iraq, like, everywhere such as, something something schools in the U.S. should … Read More

I Call “B.S”

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Austalia's Next Top Model judge Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner during last night's finale, then stood by while the loser made a victory speech, just to tell her she hadn't won. Here's the clip:   But I have to tell you, the whole thing looks staged to me.

Miss USA Wants To Blow Up Times Square

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So the newly crowned Miss USA, from Michigan, is an Arab Muslim terrorist, just like our President.  Congrats, Rima Fikah. Cue wingnut head explosions in three, two…. wait for it! UPDATE:  And now there's controversy about some stripper photos that were taken of Rima Fikah when she won a stripper contest in 2007.  However, it won't amount to anything since … Read More

What The Wingnuts Are Scared About Now

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This:   What is it?  It's the new logo for the United States Missile Defense Agency, a change from their old logo: And what is so scaaaaaary about the new logo?  Well, isn't it obvious?  The Drudge Report makes it obvious:   That's right.  The new logo is a combination of the Obama logo and the Islamic flag.  Blogger Frank Gaffney, … Read More