What’s Up With Portland?

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Today marks the 50th straight day of protests in Portland, Oregon—which have been ongoing since shortly after the May 25 murder of George Floyd. The protests have been largely peaceful, but there have been several well-documented episodes of violence, vandalism and property damage. In the past few days, however, the protests have been met with what appears to be a … Read More

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The incident, from this weekend: ⚠️⚠️⚠️Officer Aaron Torgalski of Buffalo PD pushed a 75 year old man to the ground in Niagara Square today. Pushing him to the ground with excessive force caused a bleeding head wound. The police claimed he “tripped” and was injured. The officer is on immediate leave without pay pic.twitter.com/6QFCQwcgwd — Ashlyn (@ashlyn3161) June 5, 2020 … Read More