Whither Weather

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Last week, I largely avoided the controversy about Trump and Hurricane Dorian, mostly because it was such a small thing that I didn’t believe it would turn into a big thing. But that, of course, is why the Hurricane Dorian controversy — or “Sharpiegate” — is actually relevant: it shows the chaotic and psychotic nature of Trump, who was unwilling … Read More

Hurricane Michael Devastation

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Where I am, we are being hit by what’s left of Michael, but the wind and the rain is nothing to what hit the panhandle in Florida yesterday.  Mexico Beach appears to be the hardest hit.  Here’s what it was like yesterday: And now…. people are just getting in there, to find this: Aerial view of devastation at #MexicoBeach, Fl … Read More

Michael, the Hurricane

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Unlike Florence, which seemed to take her sweet time coming to the mainlaind, Michael just kind of sprang up in the past few days. It was a tropical depression in the Gulf Of Mexico, and very quickly moved to a Category 3.  Today, as it makes landfall, it is a Category 4. Here’s the latest: • The hurricane is expected … Read More

A Weakened Florence Hits The NC Coast

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After lingering for days, Hurricane Florence hit the NC coast this morning.  It had slowly been downgraded over the past two days, so it hit as a Category One.  Still pretty serious. The real threat from Florence isn’t the wind; it’s the rain coupled with its slow speed.  This morning, Wilmington got hit with heavy winds, knocking down trees and … Read More

Florence Update

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Hmmmm.  We might be okay where we are as it appears that it will turn southerly and go through South, rather than North, Carolina.  We’ll still get rains though in the outer bands. That said, this tweet is disturbing if only because he’s right: You know what happens when 40” of rain hits shit lagoons holding waste for nine million … Read More

Storm’s a Comin’

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Purge Cache (All Pages) The eye of Hurricane Florence this morning, which could hit the East Coast by Thursday or Friday pic.twitter.com/hWTRv4WlLX — Axios (@axios) September 10, 2018 Hurricane Florence strengthens fast on path for East Coast https://t.co/PClrQoHguz pic.twitter.com/h3NBVkyrM2 — CBS News (@CBSNews) September 10, 2018 #Florence isn’t just another hurricane. It is poised to become a major threat to … Read More

Hurricane Maria: Death Toll For Puerto Rico Much Higher Than Official Count

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The official count is 64 dead in PR due to Hurricane Maria last September. A new Harvard study places that amount higher.  Much higher.  MUCH higher: As hurricane season begins this week, experts are still trying to count the number of deaths caused by last year’s devastating Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The latest estimate: roughly 4,600, many of them … Read More

Puerto Rico Disaster

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CONFIRMED: There is a black out in Puerto Rico. The entire island is without power. There is “ZERO power generation at this point”, according to a spokesman. A fault was detected on the line 50700 which starts in Aguirre Central It may take 24 to 36 hours to restore power. The latest blackout prompted Gov. Ricardo Rossello to call on … Read More

Bomb Cyclone Hits Eastern US

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A powerful nor’easter morphed into a “bomb cyclone” Friday as it hammered the East Coast with a ferocious mix of howling winds, drenching rain, some snow and surging waves. “Take this storm seriously!” the National Weather Service in Boston warned via Twitter. “This is a LIFE & DEATH situation for those living along the coast, especially those ocean-exposed shorelines.” The … Read More

9/11 Plus 16 — What If Trump Was President?

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Each year as 9/11 comes and goes, there is less added to the perspective. An entire generation is now politically aware, who cannot remember that horrible day.  Bizarre, to me. We forget that Bush, like Trump, was in the infancy of his presidency. I remember thinking that he was over his head — partly because it was unprecedented, and partly … Read More

Hurricane Harvey

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There’s a good reason why Mashable’s Andrew Freedman dubbed Hurricane Harvey—now barreling toward Texas and Louisiana—“the meteorological equivalent of a White Walker from Game of Thrones.”  This is no joke.  Harvey is likely to be the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since 2005. Harvey will make landfall late Friday or early Saturday.  The storm is expected to hit middle … Read More

Matthew Update

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As of this writing (10/7/2016) at 11:45 a.m., Hurricane Matthew, now a Category 3, has shown a little mercy by veering slightly northernly and westernly than expected.  Right now, the western eyewall is brushing the Florida coast — the hurricane is located 75 miles southeast of Jacksonville. The winds along the Florida coast are rough, but it doesn’t seem to … Read More

Matthew Bears Down

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Florida is going to get hit HARD. Thousands told to evacuate.  Winds up to 140. No we did not work coordinate this with the @pbpost #newspapers #frontpagestoday pic.twitter.com/KkJiB7MCst — Rolando Otero (@Photero) October 6, 2016 From the National Weather Station in Melbourne FL – no mincing of words: The #eyewall of #Hurricane #Matthew is now completely visible on @RadarScope. #HurricaneMatthew … Read More