9/11 Commemoration: Trump Edition

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While speaking at the Pentagon on the anniversary of 9/11, President Trump brings up his canceled peace talks with Taliban leaders at Camp David. And Rudy’s 9/11 tribute is a tribute to fascism: Classy, as always. 🤮 https://t.co/4gMH4cOBao — Daily Trix (@DailyTrix) September 11, 2019 No one can desecrate hallowed ground like Trump. At the Pentagon 9/11 memorial, doing a … Read More

D-Day Plus 75

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160 U.S. veterans of that day attended today’s ceremony in Normandy. One hundred and sixty. On June 6, 1944, American, British, and Canadian forces stormed the 50-mile stretch of coastline in northwest France in the largest seaborne invasion in history. https://t.co/2rZ3pEO1kx #DDay75 pic.twitter.com/6QznpvHwY3 — US National Archives (@USNatArchives) June 6, 2019

Notre Dame Will Go On

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From singing in the streets to donations of more than $678 million — here’s how the world is reacting to the Notre Dame fire pic.twitter.com/QK5Y3q3zdh — NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 16, 2019 There are few events that can so transfix the world that it seems everyone is watching, but as flames poured out of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, the world … Read More

Breaking: Notre Dame Burning Down

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Just happening. Cause unknown, but it may be related to renovations. Idiot chimes in… AFP’s reporting on the fire’s origins doesn’t seem to be making it into English language media (it started in the attic in connection with ongoing renovation work, according to firefighters). Hit that translate button, CNN. https://t.co/nH02Ojoji7 — southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) April 15, 2019 Fire coming through the … Read More

The Watergate Road Map

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The Jaworski “Road Map,” the last great still-secret Watergate document, became public Wednesday when the National Archives released it under Judge Howell’s ruling from earlier this month. It sees the light of day for the first time in four and a half decades at a remarkable moment, one in which a different special prosecutor is considering the conduct of a different president and … Read More

RIP Juan Romero

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The 17 year old busboy who tried to help a wounded Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 died. He was shaking Kennedy’s hand when the shots were fired.  He had rosary beads in his pocket and he gave them to RFK.  Afterwards, his life was haunted by the violence he saw that day, even to the point of being unable to … Read More

50 Years Ago Today

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“Early morning, April 4, a shot rings out in the Memphis sky…” – U2, Pride (In The Name Of Love) Fifty years ago today, the world heard of the tragedy that took place in Memphis, Tennessee—the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. America’s greatest civil rights leader and most famous advocate of non-violence was shot standing on the balcony of the … Read More

Newtown: Five Years Later

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Five years ago today, a gunman went into Sandy Hook elementary school and opened fire. I covered it on this blog, as the day unfolded. And I visited Newtown two weeks after the event — the town was still reeling. In the five years since the Sandy Hook shooting, Congress has enacted strong legislation to prevent the use of AK-47’s … Read More

The JFK Files

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The federal government just released thousands of documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The papers were posted online by the National Archives in compliance with a 1992 law requiring their release after 25 years. After a chaotic last-minute review in which intelligence agencies lobbied against full disclosure, the White House said it would take more time to process … Read More

9/11 Plus 16 — What If Trump Was President?

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Each year as 9/11 comes and goes, there is less added to the perspective. An entire generation is now politically aware, who cannot remember that horrible day.  Bizarre, to me. We forget that Bush, like Trump, was in the infancy of his presidency. I remember thinking that he was over his head — partly because it was unprecedented, and partly … Read More

Trump Has More Civil War Issues

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Between the 14th hole and the 15th tee of one of the club’s two courses, Mr. Trump installed a flagpole on a stone pedestal overlooking the Potomac, to which he affixed a plaque purportedly designating “The River of Blood.” “Many great American soldiers, both of the North and South, died at this spot,” the inscription reads. “The casualties were so … Read More

And It Was Only Monday

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Politico: President Donald Trump questioned why the Civil War— which erupted 150 years ago over slavery — needed to happen. He said he would be “honored” to meet with Kim Jong-Un, the violent North Korean dictator who is developing nuclear missiles and oppresses his people, under the “right circumstances.” The president floated, and backed away from, a tax on gasoline. … Read More

9/11 – 15 Years Later

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It is kind of cool to have a blog for this long — I can go back and look at past reflections of past events. I write about my 9/11 experience here.  I had left New York by the time 9/11/2001 happened, but, like everyone else in the country, I experienced that day.  For me, I came to lump it … Read More

50 Years Ago Today

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Fifty years ago today, Charles Whitman, a 25-year-old engineering student and former Marine armed with a small arsenal of weapons, killed 13 people and wounded over 30 more during a shooting rampage atop the University of Texas Tower in Austin. The episode casts a long and complicated shadow. It is considered by some to have marked the beginning of the … Read More