NH Phone-Jamming Scandal: What’s It About?

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On the surface, the NH 2002 election phone-jamming scandal (background here) is, as emptywheel suggests, nothing more than a "third-rate crank phone call". So why is the GOP spending so much money trying to defend what should be viewed as the acts of a few GOP rogues?  Is it because it wasn’t the act of a few rogues, and the … Read More

Election 2004 Fraud – RFK Jr’s Article

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RFK Jr’s Rolling Stone article is out now — all about the shenanigans of the Presidential Elections in 2004 in the State of Ohio. It’s a lengthy and heavily sourced article, and one that — hopefully — will get some notice outside the blogosphere.  Want an idea of the kinds of things that went on?  Here’s some frightening excerpts (sources … Read More

RFK Jr: “Election 2004 Was Stolen”

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In other times, this allegation would be a MAJOR story, especially since it comes from Bobby Kennedy, Jr.  But with daily scandals piling up on each other, and scandal fatigue setting in with the general public (myself included), this story will probably just waft around for a few days and disappear.  Too bad. Actually, it’s not a story yet.  But … Read More

National Security v. Politics

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The story will be big tomorrow, but you read about it here first. ABC News Nightline tonight will talk with Clark Kent Ervin, the former Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security.  Ervin will talk about how, just before the Presidential elections in 2004, he was confronted by Tom Ridge and intimidated into toning down his criticisms of the … Read More

Nothing There

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For months, wingers have whined about Kerry’s military records, trying to foment grass roots pressure on forcing Kerry to release those records.  Examples here and here.  The right wing blogosphere has “questions” about Kerry’s discharge, although they have nothing to base these “questions” on (in short, it’s a fishing expedition). Well, Kerry finally signed the Form 180 allowing for the … Read More

Democracy in Action

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You know things are bad when election disputes have to be resolved by — literally — a coin toss. And you know things are really bad when they apparently can’t even do a coin toss correctly.

Something You Didn’t Think Of . . .

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. . . but you should consider: Over 55 million Americans voted for the candidate dubbed "The #1 Liberal in the Senate." In other words, more Americans voted for the "Massachusetts liberal" than they did for either Reagan, Bush I, Clinton or Gore. Conclusion: apparently "liberal" isn’t the dirty word is used to be.

Harper’s, Don’t Tempt Me . . .

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The joke among myself and other recent election loss sufferers is "Let’s move to another country." Of course, we’re not and we wouldn’t. We’re staying and fighting for the soul of the country we love. But I thought this article was interesting: So the wrong candidate has won, and you want to leave the country. Let us consider your options. … Read More

Where Do We Go From Here?

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First Draft of the Next Four Years for Lefties Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – Phew! Now what? Let’s look at why we lost. Can’t put blame on the Supreme Court (this year). Can’t put any blame on Nader (this year) either. Can’t really blame the media either. Can’t really blame our candidate either (does anyone out there think … Read More

Thoughts . . .

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Jeez. I go to bed with explicit ideas and instructions about how the election is supposed to play out . . . and you guys screw it up. (I don’t know specifically who I am refering to here, but that’s my rant). Seriously, let me get out some random thoughts. First of all, the country is not going to be … Read More

I’m Calling It . . .

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. . . against my better judgment. As a Red Sox fan, I know that you should never declare victory until the final out. (I know, we broke the curse this year, but still . . .) But I’m calling it a Kerry victory — now — and here are some (very bad) reasons why. (1) I pulled my back … Read More

Final Thoughts and Predictions

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1. Kerry has the momentum going into the election. He will win the popular vote: 48.8% to 47.8%. More importantly, Kerry will win the electoral college: 280 to 258. The battleground state breakdown will be: NH, PA, NJ, MI, MN, FL, NM, WI for Kerry NV, OH, IA, MO for Bush . . . although we won’t know the results … Read More

Pentagon Against Bush?

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I think Josh Marshall is on to something when he writes: This evening, Wingerdom is all aflutter about what they now see as the New York Times-CBS-IAEA international anti-Bush conspiracy. But they might do better to focus their anxieties elsewhere. Like at the Pentagon, for instance. Who over there is trying to stick it to the president? Look at two … Read More