Romney at 47 Percent

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

After Obama won, most of us stopped caring about the popular vote count.  But the count continued, and the votes trickled in days — and even weeks — later.  Now, via David Wasserman's invaluable chart, we can make it official: Romney WON 47.43 percent of the vote, making it impossible to round up.

He is the 47 percent, a truly ironic number, given that Romney dissed "47 percent" of the population in his infamous Boca Raton fundraising talk with donors.

Other mostly random factoids:

– Obama's margin over Romney is up to 4.4 million votes.

– There's no state where the margin between Romney and Obama could have been erased by a switch of third party votes. Florida comes close, but the margin is about 15,000 votes greater than the total vote for all third parties.