Charging Documents Of Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin

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Third degree murder: After a week of escalating protests, Hennepin County attorney Michael Freeman announced that former police officer Derek Chauvin had been arrested and would be charged with manslaughter and 3rd degree murder in the death of 46-year-old George Floyd. Floyd died after being arrested for possibly passing a fake $10 or $20 bill to buy cigarettes. The arrest made headlines as onlookers … Read More

COVID-19: Day 5

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As of 12:30 pm: US cases are 14,322 (with 210 deaths). That’s quite a leap over yesterday’s 9,000 or so, but we are testing more. NC has 123 cases, zero deaths. Five cases in my county. Dow is down 200 points. Again, seems to be veering from huge changes. The biggest development — GOP scandal: Senator Richard M. Burr sold … Read More

Trump On Pardoning Spree Today; Is This Leading Up To A Stone Pardon?

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All the worst criminals. BREAKING: Trump signed an executive order granting clemency for Eddie DeBartolo Jr., the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers who was convicted in a gambling fraud scandal — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) February 18, 2020 Before boarding Air Force One, Trump announces he has commuted the sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. — Kaitlan … Read More

Political Meddling In Stone Sentencing: A Story In Three Tweets & DOJ Implosion

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< BREAKING: Justice Department just requested up to 9 years in prison for Roger Stone, convicted on all seven criminal counts in Nov and set to be sentenced Feb 20. @CourthouseNews — Megan Mineiro (@MMineiro_CNS) February 10, 2020 This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them. ... Read More

Parnas Document Dump

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Last night, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff submitted new impeachment evidence to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler which will be included in the file expected to be turned over to the Senate today. This evidence has come from Lev Parnas, a close associate of Rudy Giuliani. Parnas was indicted by the SDNY in October 2019 along with Igor Fruman … Read More

NY Judge Orders Trump To Pay $2 Million To Charities

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Everyday — and I mean every day — we see something from this administration that would never happen in the Obama Administration. Fraud is still big with Trump — just check out his campaign. A web site called the Popular Information newsletter reports: A heavily-promoted contest to win breakfast with President Trump in New York City on September 26 was a … Read More

(Mock) Indictment of Fruity-G

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This comes from former prosecutors at Just Security. If this were an actual indictment, many of the names would be replaced with generic identifiers, such as Candidate-1 or Company-A. The Justice Department requires this practice to protect the reputations of individuals and entities that are not charged with any crimes. A jury is told the identities of these individuals and … Read More

Light Blogging This Past Weekend; Get Used To It

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It’s been a few days since I posted anything, because, you know, life. Fortunately, there was only one big story — the suicide of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein while being held on MCC in New York. It came as a surprise to many, especially since he tried to commit suicide in late July. And it turns out that (a) he … Read More

Rhetoric of Trump Gets A Kid Hospitalized After Beating

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Given the attention to mass shootings, a lot of people overlooked a story that went national about a boy who was beaten by a man (not his relative) because the boy didn’t take off his hat during the national anthem. This all happened A 13-year-old boy was attending a Montana county fair and rodeo on Saturday when he failed to … Read More

Breaking: USA TODAY Shooter?

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#BREAKING — We are aware and are investigating reports of a SHOOTING at USA Today building in Tyson’s, Virginia… Standby for more @WUSA9 — Mike Valerio (@MikevWUSA) August 7, 2019 BREAKING: We’ve gotten a text from a family member of an active shooter at the USA Today building near Tyson’s. — Matt Brooks (@mbrooksrjc) August 7, 2019 Police evacuating @USATODAY … Read More

Weekend, Bloody Weekend

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This weekend saw two mass shootings with a total casualty count (so far) of 29 people. On Sunday, Americans woke up to news of a shooting rampage in an entertainment district in Dayton, Ohio, where a man wearing body armor shot and killed nine people, including his own sister. Hours earlier, a 21-year-old with a rifle entered a Walmart in … Read More

Federal Government Begins Executions Again After Two Decade Lapse; Names Five To Be Executed

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DOJ website: Attorney General William P. Barr has directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to adopt a proposed Addendum to the Federal Execution Protocol—clearing the way for the federal government to resume capital punishment after a nearly two decade lapse, and bringing justice to victims of the most horrific crimes.  The Attorney General has further directed the Acting Director … Read More

Epstein Denied Bail

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Jeffrey Epstein has been denied bail. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman announced the decision at a hearing just now, siding with prosecutors after they and defense attorneys traded arguments for more than a week about whether Epstein could be released to some sort of home confinement. Epstein, 66, was arrested on July 6 after landing at New Jersey’s Teterboro … Read More

Emoluments Case Dismissed

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The Fourth Circuit just sided with President Trump, dismissing a lawsuit claiming the president is illegally profiting from foreign and state government visitors at his luxury hotel in downtown Washington. The unanimous ruling is a victory for the president in a novel case brought by the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia involving anti-corruption provisions in the … Read More