No More Castro

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For as long as I have been alive, a Castro has been the leader of Cuba. That will no longer be.  Raul Castro, who succeeded his brother Fidel as president in 2006, will remain head of the Communist Party, but will step down as Cuba’s President.  Cuba’s National Assembly has elected Miguel Diaz-Canel to become president, meaning a leader not named Castro … Read More

US-Cuba Diplomatic Ties Re-established

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It won’t even make the biggest headline today, but historically this is big. President Barack Obama said Wednesday that it was past time for the U.S. to reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba as he announced that the two countries were reopening their embassies after more than 50 years. “When the United States shuttered our embassy in 1961, I don’t think … Read More

In Case You Missed It

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In my opinion, there should me more fanfare about the US relations in Cuba.  I mean, this happened today: In December 2014, the President instructed the Secretary of State to immediately launch a review of Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, and provide a report to him within six months regarding Cuba’s support for international terrorism. On April … Read More