Trump Endears Himself To White Supremacists… And Putin, Again… While America Gets Sicker

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The nation is full of racial strife, although on the whole, the BLM movement is peaceful and making rapid progress. A couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation. — ABC News (@ABC) June 29, 2020 Trump retweet shows supporter yelling "white power" White House spokesman: … Read More

A Tale Of Two Curves

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The US is having a consistent plateau of 20,000-25,000 new COVID cases per day. However the location of those cases are moving. The Northeast has effectively crushed the epidemic spread. The Great Lakes is making progress. The South and Sunbelt however are heating up. One of the metrics that is useful to look at to determine spread is how many … Read More

Trump’s Tulsa Rally Could Kill People

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CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta went off on the Trump campaign’s plans to hold a massive, indoor rally this Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the number of Covid-19 cases are currently spiking: “I can’t imagine anyone is telling him this is okay.” On Cuomo Prime Time, the eponymous host asked Gupta to explain President Donald Trump’s reasoning for bringing together tens of thousands of … Read More

Trump Lacks Object Permanence Development Skill

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Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way. Anderson Cooper just pointed out that this is something humans usually learn at about 18 months of age. The president hasn’t reached that stage yet: Trump: If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any … Read More

COVID-19: Second Wave?

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North Carolina ‘s Gov. Roy Cooper in his coronavirus briefing on Monday urged citizens to get a COVID-19 test if they have been exposed to any crowd: “We are seeing more viral spread, and these numbers are concerning,” Gov. Cooper said. “If you have been in any kind of crowd, please go get tested. When you’re around people, wear your masks … Read More

Trump Chickens Out In Press Conference And Opts For More Distraction

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Amid a literal plague and widespread unrest over racial injustice in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Louisville, Kentucky, Donald Trump held a press conference Friday to address the nation. It was supposed to be about Minneapolis, but he had gotten himself in hot water by quoting a white supremacist “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”. So he pivoted. “We will be today terminating our … Read More

COVID-19 Update: Approaching 100K Deaths In US

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World: United States: NC and local: Even as the number of deaths in North Carolina trends down, the head of the state’s Department of Health and Human Services on Saturday reported “a notable and concerning increase” in novel coronavirus cases. The state recorded the “highest one-day COVID-19 cases reported with 1,107 additional cases” just as the state opened its restaurants … Read More

COVID-19 Update: CDC Ignored

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World: U.S. NC and local: As you probably know, a small number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 later test positive for the virus. The latest example of this was some sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Today, however, we got some good news on that front: Scientists from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied 285 Covid-19 survivors … Read More

COVID-19 Update: A Local Spike

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World: US: The US is over 90,000 now, but here’s my concern…. NC and local: This… Yikes. In spite of warnings by Dr. Fauci, and in spite of *FDA safety warnings issued in April, President Trump announced today that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative medicine against the coronavirus. Apparently, the potential side effects on a 73-year old, overweight man with high … Read More

COVID-19 Update: Again

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World: U.S.: NC and local: A little fact check on Trump’s little “victory” lap Monday: It had all the trappings of a “Mission Accomplished” moment: the banner, the presidential pomp, and a message that wasn’t true.  But what President Donald Trump wanted Monday to be a show of strength over his administration’s coronavirus testing push, complete with a banner touting “AMERICA leads the … Read More