Shooting At Youtube HQ

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Update on active shooter at @YouTube headquarters: Photos posted to Twitter show employees are being led out of the building with their hands up. There are helicopters on the scene as well as police SWAT teams. — Recode (@Recode) April 3, 2018 Active Shooter @YouTube! My building is on lockdown. — Don Cometa (@DonCometa) April 3, 2018 Area … Read More

High School Shooting: The Aftermath

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I feel like I can go back to the last mass shooting and cut and paste. With 17 dead (so far), the “day after” talk surrounding yesterday’s shooting is all too predictable. We learn about heroes: We learn details: ATF: Cruz bought assault rifle in Feb. 2017 — Justin Miller (@justinjm1) February 15, 2018 And graphic video [WARNING] — And … Read More

She Seems Nice

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Trump voter going on a tirade This incident is the just the latest in a recent spate of obscene and racist tirades by Trump supporters. Last week a Trump fan abused black employees of a Miami Starbucks and over the weekend a viral video showed a Delta Airlines passenger screaming about “Hillary bitches.” Yesterday Delta apologized for not removing the … Read More

Fourth of July Flashback

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At around 50 seconds into the video, the four-year old on my shoulder starts singing a patriotic song that she made up. Something about “America” and how the fireworks appear every day and every night….

An Apology Was What Was Called For

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First, the video that went viral and started it all…. The Mac & Cheese Kid, as he has known, apologized by video.  Critics were, and are, saying that he is still a smug arrogant brat and/or is not acknowledging his alcohol problem.  I hear all that and don’t necessarily disagree, but I don’t think that is relevant.  An apology was … Read More

His Parents Must Be So Proud

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I’m not a fan of the public shaming of private people, but this is going viral.  And with good reason. A drunk kid from the University of Connecticut staged a coup for some bacon jalapeño mac & cheese, and inadvertently revealed himself to be the worst person ever. He came to the university dining hall really drunk, in search of that spicy porky mac. He … Read More

Miss Utah Crowned As New Youtube Babbling Pageant Contestant

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It’s been six years, but the memory of Miss South Carolina Teen USA contestant Caite Upton tackling a pretty straightforward question about the geographical ignorance of our fellow Americans with words fished out of the garbage disposal is as fresh as ever: “People in our nation don’t have maps, The Iraq, like, everywhere such as, something something schools in the U.S. should … Read More

Wild Videos

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The train derailment and explosion yesterday in Baltimore (wait until the end of the video):   Shot two days ago in Kansas, this is what it looks like INSIDE a tornado: