I’m Back

Ken AshfordElection 2012, History, Popular CultureLeave a Comment

Went to NYC with the girl, and saw some good shows, but missed several things.  The Patriots losing for one, which I could have missed anywhere.  

And the inauguration.  Inauguration speeches, particularly those for a second term, often become historical (or, at least, a line or two does).  And Obama is a good orator, so I thought maybe there was something lofty and ideal to come about from his speech.

But I didn't see it, and haven't read much about it.  Apparently, he gave a shout-out to homosexual people, likening it to the civil rights issue of our time.  Which it is, but saying so NOW isn't quite as bold as saying so four years ago.  Still, kudos and all.

No, the BIG controversy from the inauguration was that Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem.  And she admitted to it.

Shock. Horror.  Dogs mating with cats.

Now, it's true that James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson, who also performed, sang live.  But here's the thing: the National Anthem is hard vocally, it was freezing hella-cold, and Beyonce was singing with the Marine Band with whom she didn't have any practice time.  Oh, yeah, and it's not like this is the first time someone lip-synched at an inauguration.

So "controversy"?  No.  Leave Beyonce alone.