KKKKids: Where Are They Now?

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Almost 10 years ago on this blog, I wrote about Prussian Blue – the name of the rock group comprised of two twin sisters, Lamb and Lynx Gaede, who sang songs about white pride and nationalism and had a huge following among white supremacists.

Here is what they looked like then:

Twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede are singers in a band called Prussian Blue whose songs have nationalistic lyrics branded rascist by critics. The 13-year-old twins from Bakersfield, California, have even modelled T Shirts showing an emblem of Hitler for the website www.ayryanwear.com

As I wrote then, the two girls had been nurtured from birth with the racist beliefs of their mother, April Gaede.  They recorded two albums and even toured Europe, performing at white nationalist organizations. They even went on to say that they believed the Holocaust was a “myth,” and in fact, the name Prussian Blue refers to the by-product of the poisonous substance used to gas Jews in concentration camps.

So what happened to them?

Well, they got a lot of publicity around 2005 — much of it negative as you might suspect — and eventually left Bakersfield, California to go to Montana, where they hoped to hide under a rock.

As they grew older, and much to the disappointment of their racist mother, the girls’ views changed.  They now think diversity is great.

They both live in Montana still, with Lamb living on her own and working as a hotel maid, and Lynx lives with their mother, stepdad and half-sister, Dresden (the names of these children, good lord) in a home near Lamb.

As a freshman in high school, Lynx was diagnosed with cancer and a large tumor was removed from her shoulder. She also suffers from a rare condition called CVS, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, which sounds like the most horrible disease in the world.

Unfortunately Lamb has suffered from a few health problems as well, including scoliosis and chronic back pain, as well as lack of appetite and emotional stress… wonder where that came from.

But the one thing that helps them get through the day? Pot. Yes, you read that right.

Lynx reveals, “I have to say, marijuana saved my life. I would probably be dead if I didn’t have it.”

In fact, the two made more history as they became one of the first five minors to get a medical marijuana card in Montana

Lynx tried to explain why they got into the business in the first place, saying, “My sister and I were home-schooled. We were these country bumpkins. We spent most of our days up on the hill playing with our goats.”

Lamb adds, “I was just spouting a lot of knowledge that I had no idea what I was saying.”


“We just want to come from a place of love and light,” Lamb said. “I think we’re meant to do something more  — we’re healers. We just want to exert the most love and positivity we can.”

2011, USA: Lamb and Lynx Gaede of White Power group Prussian Blue///Lamb and Lynx Gaede of Prussian Blue. Credit: Polaris

Good for them.