Rep. Bill Young (R-FL) – Man Of Principle

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When Capitol Police dragged Rep. Young’s wife out of the SOTU because she was wearing a "Support Our Troops" T-shirt, Rep. Young was outraged.  Even though Mrs. Young was not handcuffed, fingerprint, and thrown in jail (like Cindy Sheehan), Rep. Young took to the floor of the House and denounced the actions of the police. But later on, to reporters: … Read More

Cindy’s Story

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As you probably know, Cindy Sheehan was arrested lat night just before Bush’s State of the Union speech.  She blogged the full account here, but this is how it begins: This afternoon at the People’s State of the Union Address in DC where I was joined by Congresspersons Lynn Woolsey and John Conyers, Ann Wright, Malik Rahim and John Cavanagh, … Read More

Bush To Bestow Honor On Cindy Sheehan

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This is, uh, interesting.  Keep in mind as you read, that on the weekend of September 24-25, there will be a huge anti-war rally in Washington, D.C., in which Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan will play a vital role. America’s Gold Star Mothers carry a great burden of grief,  yet they show a tremendous spirit of generosity in helping their … Read More

Pro-Bush Supporters Attack Themselves

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Protest Warriors is a conservative activist group.  Their tradmark is to show up at progressive rallies posing as liberals and carrying signs that say things like: "Communism has killed only 100 million people; let’s give it another chance!" and "The ACLU – we don’t hate religions – we just hate Christianity!" Get it?  Because people will read the signs and … Read More

The Other Crazy Pat

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WorldNutDaily has an exclusive.  The old headline, as reported here, was "Rock Legend Shreds Cindy Sheehan ‘Peaceniks’" but apparently the editors at WND had second thoughts about being on the side of someone involved with rock (aka "the devil’s music"). And who is that "rock legend"?  Why, Pat Boone, of course, who became famous for taking songs from black musicians … Read More

Swiftboating Sheehan Fails To Pay Off

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Frank Rich: THIS summer in Crawford, the White House went to this playbook once too often. When Mr. Bush’s motorcade left a grieving mother in the dust to speed on to a fund-raiser, that was one fat-cat party too far. The strategy of fighting a war without shared national sacrifice has at last backfired, just as the strategy of Swift … Read More

Republicans Nervous, And With Good Reason

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The NY Times: A stream of bad news out of Iraq, echoed at home by polls that show growing impatience with the war and rising disapproval of President Bush’s Iraq policies, is stirring political concern in Republican circles, party officials said Wednesday. They are referring to Republican party officials, as in: "There is just no enthusiasm for this war,” said … Read More

Lessons Not Learned

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Paul Begala is talking here about the smears of the right wing against Sheehan (although it is hard to tell).  He’s nailed it: It seems to me the American people never really forgave the Democrats for being right about Vietnam. The left was right, of course, about Vietnam.  Even my CNN colleague Bob Novak, who was extraordinarily hawkish on Vietnam, … Read More

Sheehan Bigger Than Schiavo

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From Blogometer (a good daily resource by the way): Each time this week we’ve visited Technorati, the popular blog search engine, the "Top Searches This Hour" feature has placed "Cindy Sheehan" at the very top. At one point this a.m., "Sheehan" was also #5. The Blogometer is trying to remember the last time this happened, but no person or event … Read More

Wingnuttia Of The Day

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A.W. at has been on trial lately (he says), so he’s been a little late in playing the Cindy Sheehan smear game.  But what he lacks in punctuality, he make up for in both verbosity and wingnuttery: I’ll lay out my evidence shortly, but here are the pertinent points in my book.  The proper reaction, I think, should be … Read More

A Soldier’s Letter To Cindy Sheehan

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From Daily Kos: Fort Hood, Texas12 August 2005 Dear Mrs. Sheehan: I am a Soldier stationed at Fort Hood who is scheduled for deployment to Iraq (soon).  Like you, I do not support the war because I believe it represents a horrible waste of lives and lucre that is bankrupting our nation.  However, I am sworn to obey my orders … Read More