Don’t You Have To Win In Order To Take A Victory Lap?

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House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) has created a YouTube video set to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Back In The Saddle” boasting that zero Republicans voted for the recovery package. The video is called “The House GOP is Back.” Watch it: I'm not quite sure that having near-unanimous opposition to the stimulus bill is a political winner.  After all, the … Read More

Can We Drop The Charade Now?

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Joe Klein on post-partisanship: Obama should now understand that the Republicans are not reliable partners–at least, not for the moment. Most are stuck in the contentious past, rutted in Reaganism, intent on taking a Hooverist course on the economy (although there remains cause for optimism on foreign policy). The President's default position, after the stimulus fight and the Gregg fiasco, should … Read More


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Lesson learned from the past 8 years: Republicans are very bad at governing. Lesson I think we all are about to learn (as shown by the fact that 41 Republicans in the Senate are succeeding in preventing passage of a stimulus bill): Republicans are very good at preventing governing. This isn't necessarily an insult.  The mantra of the GOP was, … Read More


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A certain segments of wingnuts — the same ones who claim that Obama isn't a natural born citizen — will claim that Obama isn't actually president because of the flub-up of the Presidential Oath (which, by the way, was Chief Justice Robert's fault).  Here's the vid for those who missed it:

Stay Classy, Religious Conservatives

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Oops.  Too late. Over at WorldNetDaily, the Christian News service, we get this editorial from WND CEO Joseph Farah: Pray Obama Fails That's why I do not hesitate today in calling on godly Americans to pray that Barack Hussein Obama fail in his efforts to change our country from one anchored on self-governance and constitutional republicanism to one based on … Read More

Wingnuts Go Bats**t Crazy On Krispy Kreme

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Krispy Kreme press release, announcing it'll give you one free donut on inauguration day: "Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSE: KKD) is honoring American's sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an … Read More

Obama Plans Tax Cuts, Contra The West Wing

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Yeah, I know.  You're happy about this: President-elect Barack Obama plans to include about $300 billion in tax cuts for workers and businesses in his economic recovery program, advisers said Sunday, as his team seeks to win over Congressional skeptics worried that he was too focused on government spending. But you shouldn't be. Listen, your economic problems are (or will … Read More

Yarrow, The Magic Folk Song Writer

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So there's this controversy regarding Chip Saltsman, a GOP bigwig who is apparently under consideration for head of the Republican National Committee.  Saltsman, you see, sent out a CD to members of the RNC as a Christmas gift.  The CD contained spoof political songs, including one played by Rush Limbaugh during the campaign entited "Barack, The Magic Negro". "Barack, The … Read More

Crackpot Conspiracy Theories

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Remember how the Clintons murdered Vince Foster?  That tripe was peddled around for years by conservative talk radio, and many still believe it today. As the New York Times pointed out yesterday, conservative talk radio is salivating now at the prospect of an Obama presidency. And already, they're rolling out conspiracy theories.  We've already heard (endlessly) about how Obama's parents, the … Read More

SCOTUS Rejects Obama Birth Case

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First Read reports: The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take up a case that questioned whether President-elect Obama met the Constitution's requirement that only a natural-born citizen is eligible to be president. As is the court's usual custom, the request to take up the case was denied with no explanation. I blogged about the petition here. David Horowitz is … Read More

Dispatch From “Real America”

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Rexburg, Idaho is "America's Family Community".  Bet you didn't know that.  But it is. Which should be a concern to everyone: Matthew Whoolery and his wife aren't blaming the school district for what happened on the bus but they do think all parents need to be careful about what they say and teach their children. Whoolery and his wife couldn't … Read More