SCOTUS Rejects Obama Birth Case

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First Read reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take up a case that questioned whether President-elect Obama met the Constitution's requirement that only a natural-born citizen is eligible to be president.

As is the court's usual custom, the request to take up the case was denied with no explanation.

I blogged about the petition here.

David Horowitz is now urging his conservative brethren to "shut up about the birth certificate", but the Freepers are in a tizzy.  Apparen

It is CLEAR that the SCOTUS is more interested in politics, than it is upholding the LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION. We continue to enter a very sad time in American history whereby the example of the SCOTUS and Obama, et al, is encouraging the people to avoid and break the law to accomplish their objectives, good or bad.

A complete travesty of justice, if there really is any left in America.


once again, judges decide whether or not to enforce law. in this case, constitutional law.

and anyone that thinks it makes sense for 0bama to go through all this trouble to avoid showing a simple birth certificate, really needs to stop drinking the kool-aid


As said on another thread… country as we know it, is slowly coming to an end… how a fraud and empty suit like this gets all this way is beyond comprehension.


I hope nobody here seriously thought the Supreme Court would uphold the Constitution in a case involving the black messiah! Goodness, what would you be thinking….


I have to admit there was still some small part of me that believed truth would conquer lies, good would conquer evil, right would conquer wrong. I know… I know, I should have forgotten all those silly ideas when more than half our country voted for Obama, but there you go.

I guess, now, all a Presidential candidate has to do to prove they’re eligible is to say they’re eligible, act huffy, and lawyer up when asked to prove it by citizens (those puny little people who obviously no longer matter AT ALL in what used to be America). Of course, this only goes for Socialist, politically correct candidates. Republicans have to have lived spotless, blameless lives, documented to the Nth degree.


The SCOTUS has just pulled the life support on our Republic.

The actual case that SCOTUS rejected has nothing to do with Obama's birth certificate, but a rather strange argument that Obama isn't a "natural born citizen" because his father was Kenyan — i.e., a British subject.

I especially enjoy the Freeper comments that deride Obama for "lawyering up", as if HE was the one who brought the lawsuit.

The bottom line is that Obama is a "natural born citizen" as that term has ALWAYS been defined.  He was born in America, and has produced a certified copy of his birth certificate.  He has no control over the original; that belongs to the State of Hawaii.  And the State of Hawaii has officially stated (three times, by my counting) that it has the original birth certificate.  It has shown it in pictures.

What more do these people want???