Jim Cramer vs. The White House

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Perhaps jealous that Limbaugh is getting all the attention, CNBC's Jim Cramer lashes out at the White House and, in particular, White House spokeman Robert Gibbs. Cramer has been on a tear against the White House recently.  Gibbs was recently asked about Cramer's criticism that Obama's budget was "one of the great wealth destroyers of all time", and he responded: "I'm … Read More

Boehner’s Take

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Today, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has a Washington Post op-ed entitled "Democrats' Diversionary Tactics": In the first two months of 2009, the Democratic Congress and the White House have spent more money than the combined cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the response to Hurricane Katrina. After they doled out taxpayer dollars at such a blistering pace, … Read More

Rush Is Still Topic #1

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Everyone is giving their two cents.  I guess it doesn't matter what people say, because as long as Rush occupies the center stage as the de facto leader of the GOP, the worse off it is for the GOP.   You can peruse the links (from Memeorandum) below, but the general landscape is this: The Republicans are divided about whether to … Read More

Rush’s Clarification (Sort Of)

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From The Plum Line, an email exchange between Limbaugh and Greg Sargant: After I asked Rush a question about the Michael Steele fight, Rush replied: [P]lease, Greg, try to stand out from the MSM chorus and NOT distort, as they all are, on behalf of the Obama Admin, my meaning on wanting him to fail. I want the country to … Read More

The Right’s Rush Problem

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Former Bush speechwriter David Frum weighs in, anti-Rush: Here’s Rahm Emanuel on Face the Nation yesterday: “the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican party.” What a great endorsement for Rush! (And we know Rush is fond of compliments – listen to his loving account in his CPAC speech of the birthday lunch given him by President … Read More

GOP Meltdown

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Wow.  The infighting is very ugly: In a little-noticed interview Saturday night, Steele dismissed Limbaugh as an “entertainer” whose show is “incendiary” and “ugly.” Steele’s criticism makes him the highest-ranking Republican to pick a fight with the popular and polarizing conservative talk show host. But the new RNC chairman’s extraordinary comments won’t sit well with the millions of conservative listeners Limbaugh draws … Read More

Full-On Crazy

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Andrew Breitbart of the Washington Times welcomes the new Messiah, and no, it's not Obama. Brace yourselves. The mood at the Omni Shoreham Hotel late Saturday afternoon was off the electrical meter when Rush Limbaughtook center stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). *** Fox News joined C-SPAN in carrying the nearly hour-and-a-half experience, while CNN broke ranks with the … Read More

As Suspected

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Following up on yesterday's post, it turns out that Jindal wasn't telling the truth after all. For those needing a recap, here's the video of the relevant portion of Jindal's response: Some story, huh?  Turns out, it's not so true. Specifically, when Jindal told the nation that he was in the sheriff's office "during Katrina," he didn't mean "during Katrina." … Read More

Sticks and Stones

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Huckabee called Obama a socialist yesterday.  Sen. DeMint (R-S.C.) called Obama a socialist today.  And of course, calling Obama a "socialist" was S.O.P. during the election season. (Both Palin and McCain invoked the phrase). Socialism is, of course, a political theory and economic system in which the collective (i.e., the government) owns industry (the means of production) and capital. Now when Republicans call … Read More

And Jindal Lies

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From Jindal's reponse speech earlier this week: During Katrina, I visited Sheriff Harry Lee, a Democrat and a good friend of mine. When I walked into his makeshift office I'd never seen him so angry. He was yelling into the phone: 'Well, I'm the Sheriff and if you don't like it you can come and arrest me!' I asked him: … Read More

Best Reaction To Jindel Speech

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And it speaks to both Jindel and Palin: Absent any deep thoughts, the Republicans are going to complain about waste. The high point of Jindal’s address came when he laced into “wasteful spending” in the stimulus bill, and used as an example a $140 million appropriation for keeping an eye on the volcanoes in places like Alaska, where one is … Read More

Jindel? Really?

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I was going to make fun of Bobby Jindel's response to the Obama address, but everyone else beat me to it.  Ezra Klein was spot-on when he suggested that Jindel had the oratorical stylings and naive optimism of Kenneth, from 30 Rock. What was most striking about Jindel's response was using Katrina to stand as the example that government help … Read More

The Chicago Tea Party

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For those who missed it, this is the video that went viral yesterday.  It features CNBC's Rick Santelli: David Sirota said it best: Santelli was "literally on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange surrounded by multimillionaire traders railing on the Obama administration for trying to help struggling homeowners, and berating people who are getting foreclosed on as 'losers.'" But that … Read More

Repubican Report Card

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CNN: It's the one-month anniversary of President Obama's swearing-in, and not surprisingly the Republican National Committee is out with its' verdict: It's been "disappointing." "Obama's first month has been marked by wasteful spending, failed bipartisanship, and questionable ethics," the RNC said in a document circulated to reporters. Uh, right.  Because the last eight years have been the hallmark of fiscal … Read More

Eliminationist Rhetoric

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From the blog of a white supremicist: After the pending Second American Revolution results in killing the people who have wrecked this country — yes, you KNOW who I'm talking about — what are we going to do as a nation to move forward? There are lots of very very serious things to consider. What to do with the people … Read More