A Quick Message To Wingnuts

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Guys, Obama isn't going to touch your guns.  And he's not going to take away right wing talk radio.

He's really not.

You want to know how I know that?

Because Obama is a constitutional scholar.  Unlike you wingnuts, or the Bush Administration, he's actually read the document.  He's studied it.  He taught it for several years.

So he knows — really knows — what the First and Second Amendment mean.

And he respects it, too.

You see, I'm no fan of guns myself.  But I've researched the Second Amendment — its historical origins, etc. — and I come away with same conclusion that the U.S. Supreme Court finally did last year: it's an individual right.  Obama thinks that, too.

Obama, above all, is a man of principle, and much of that principle is embodied in the Constitution.  Unlike the people you elect to office, he stands by that principle, that document.

So you can buy up your guns and display other silly, yet insulting, manifestations of fear about what will happen in the next four years….

…but you're really going to look like jackasses when none of your predictions of an Obama-driven apocalypse come true.