Yarrow, The Magic Folk Song Writer

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So there's this controversy regarding Chip Saltsman, a GOP bigwig who is apparently under consideration for head of the Republican National Committee.  Saltsman, you see, sent out a CD to members of the RNC as a Christmas gift.  The CD contained spoof political songs, including one played by Rush Limbaugh during the campaign entited "Barack, The Magic Negro".

"Barack, The Magic Negro" is set to the tune of "Puff, The Magic Dragon".

Now, the use of the term "negro", as well as the song itself, is being considered racist, and it has ruffled a few feathers.

So now we hear from Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul & Mary), who co-wrote the song.

[NOTE:  Yes, "Puff the Magic Dragon" had writers.  What — did you think that song just happened?]

Yarrow says:

I and my co-writer of "Puff," Lenny Lipton, have been eagerly awaiting an end to the mean-spiritedness, outright disrespect and bigotry that was commonplace prior to this last presidential election. What might have been wearily accepted as "the way it was" in the campaign, is now unacceptable. Obama is not a candidate. He is the President-Elect, and this song insults the office of the Presidency, the people who voted for him, as well as those who did not — and taking a children's song and twisting it in such vulgar, mean-spirited way, is a slur to our entire country and our common agreement to move beyond racism.

A cogent point, well argued.  But then Yarrow loses me:

It is almost unimaginable to me that Chip Saltzman who sent the CD, would seriously be considered for the top post of the Republican National Committee. Puff, himself, if asked, would certainly agree.

Damn hippee.