Vote For McCain — He’ll Help With Your Groceries

Ken AshfordElection 2006Leave a Comment

I can’t believe this is their nominee:

By the way, not only will he help you with groceries, but he’ll actually get the mandarin oranges FOR you, as you explain to him (with the patience one would emply for one’s senile grandfather) why bigger jars mean economy-size, and name brands tend to be more expensive than generic brands.

And if that’s not enough, McCain will cause a "clean-up on aisle nine" incident. 

Seriously, if I were the woman in this video, I would just turn to McCain and say, "Look, can you just GO AWAY?"

This is from a few days ago.  Sadly, McCain looks so out of place in a grocery story — like he’s never been in one before.  Not sure that helps the whole "regular guy" image.  But I’m past the point of trying to understand what McCain’s campaign team is thinking.