Let’s Compare

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Paul at Powerline:

"Feeling the wind at his back," as Fox News puts it, Barack Obama announced today that he is filing papers for a presidential exploratory committee. Unless one counts his good looks, good speaking, and bi-racial status, it’s difficult to discern Obama’s qualifications for the presidency. Obama has never run anything of substance. His experience in national politics consists of two years as a Senate back-bencher. And he’s only 45 years old.

In my lifetime, neither party has ever nominated a candidate for president with credentials this thin

Let’s see.  In 2000, what had George W. Bush run "of substance"?  Several failed oil ventures?

And as Governor of Texas, what was his "experience in national politics"?

Come to think of it, I can think of another Senator from Illinois who ran for President, having had the same amount of experience as Barack Obama.

His name?  Abraham Lincoln.