I Want To Be A Producer….

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Producing Broadway shows ain't cheap.  And typically, the minimal investment is $10,000 at the lowest.  Most shows have units of investment in the neighborhood of $25,000, and some even as high as $100,000. The Broadway revival of Godspell is trying something different.  They want this to be a "community-investment" show, meaning that you can buy a "unit" of the show for … Read More

The Reviews Are In

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From the Winston-Salem Journal: Actors' fine work brings to life the tests of baseball and its parallel with life SPECIAL TO THE JOURNAL Published: August 22, 2010 Actors Ken Ashford and Scott Stevens hit over-the-wall home runs with their performances in Rounding Third. The play, written by Richard Dresser and directed by Nathan Adam Sullivan, opened Friday night at Theatre Alliance. … Read More

Palin And The Angry Inch

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Wow.  The "respectable" right-wing blogs are just as mean as they are inaccurate. It all started when Sarah Palin, while shooting her reality for The Discover Network, was confronted by a woman with a huge home-made sign saying "Worst Governor Ever", in reference to Palin.  The whole thing was caught on video, including the moment when Palin asked the woman … Read More

The Reviews Are In

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From the Winston-Salem Journal: Leigh Somerville McMillan  SPECIAL TO THE JOURNAL   Published: August 1, 2010  The Theatre Alliance audience returned home after Friday's opening night performance with quite a catch. King Mackerel & The Blues Are Running: Songs and Stories of the Carolina Coast delivered exactly what was promised: a vacation.  And, like most vacations, we didn't want it to … Read More

Question of the Day

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Why, oh why, oh for the love of God WHY does the mass media cater to the paranoid and prudish sensabilities of society's more paranoid and prude? Read about the theatre ad that the Philadelphia Inquirer was to skittish to run.

Can Gay Actors Play Straight?

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Apparently, a writer at Newsweek named Ramin Setoodeh has a problem with Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises and Jonathan Groff in Glee.  An excerpt: For decades, Hollywood has kept gay actors—Tab Hunter, Van Johnson, Anthony Perkins, Rock Hudson, etc.—in the closet, to their own personal detriment. The fear was, if people knew your sexual orientation, you could never work again. Thankfully, … Read More

Tony Award Nominees Announced

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My predictions (and really, they're just guesses) are in yellow….. Thoughts:  Seems like there is a trend developing on Broadway in which the line between a "play" and a "musical" is getting blurred.  Take, for example, the Best Original Score category — traditionally a category for musicals.  And yet, two of the four nominees are for productions which the Tony committee deems … Read More

Drama League Nominees Announced

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I'm actually a member of the Drama League (and I get to vote!), so I have to pay attention to the nominees, which were just announced by Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuworth. Full list below the fold

Dances With Wolves: The Musical

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Well, why not? A Broadway-aimed musical is being developed from the novel "Dances With Wolves," which tells the culture-clash story of a Civil War-era U.S. Army lieutenant who bonds with the native Sioux nation as white people push into the American Dakota frontier. Matt Murphy, a producer on Broadway's Memphis, Impressionism and Thurgood, told Playbill.com that he has acquired the … Read More

“Next To Normal” Wins Pulitzer Prize for Drama

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Not very surprising for those of us who have seen it, but Next To Normal has taken the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  Kind of cool that it happened to a musical.  It's not unheard of that a musical wins, but it is infrequent (Rent, Sunday in the Park with George, and A Chorus Line are the last three musicals to have one … Read More

Be In The Next To Normal Video

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Here's how: The call is out to Next to Normal fans everywhere. Submit your own video and you could become one of the faces of the Next to Normal mashup. Over the next few weeks, they’ll post the music (piano tracks, courtesy of Mr. Kitt) and lyrics to four Next to Normal songs on nexttonormal.com. Download the material and the … Read More

Seats 3D

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Wouldn't you like to know what the stage looks like from the seats you bought? The technology is here.  A company called Seats3D will give you a look at the stadium, playing field, stage, etc from the tickets you have purchased. Sadly, there are only a few (Japanese) theaters online at the moment; you have a better chance with sporting venues.  But hopefully, … Read More

Quote Of The Day

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Texas' Lt. Governor: "The cancellation of the play, Corpus Christi, by the [state-run] university was the right thing to do. While I'm a strong defender of free speech, we must also protect the rights and reasonable expectations of Texas taxpayers and how their money is used. A play that is completely contrary to the standards of decency and moral beliefs … Read More