Palin And The Angry Inch

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Wow.  The "respectable" right-wing blogs are just as mean as they are inaccurate.

It all started when Sarah Palin, while shooting her reality for The Discover Network, was confronted by a woman with a huge home-made sign saying "Worst Governor Ever", in reference to Palin.  The whole thing was caught on video, including the moment when Palin asked the woman what she did for a living.  The woman replied that she was a teacher, which caused Palin to visibly (and somewhat disrespectfully) roll her eyes.

So what happens next?  Well, it became the job of the 101st Fighting Keyboard Commanders to totally eviscerate this woman, because she committed the sin of confronting Palin (just as Shirley Sherrod committed the sin of not being racist).

And within 24 hours, a "respectable" right-wing blog had the goods. At Gateway Pundit, the headline screamed, "THAT WAS NO TEACHER…. Unhinged Leftist Who Confronted Palin Is A Singer In a Drag Band", accompanied by this photo.


Aha!  They nailed her!   So they got to call her a "liar".

Except, facts are stubborn things.  The woman who confronted Palin, Kathleen Gustafson, is pictured on the left in the photo.  And the "drag queen band"?  Well, that's “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, a play in which Ms. Gustafson was the director.  That's right kids, she is, among other things… wait for it… a theatre teacher.

A teacher certification from the state of Alaska?  You bet.  You can look it up here.

So who is lying?

As Ann Althouse says:

I just want to say that it's stupid as hell to say that someone working on the terrific musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" is "a singer in a transvestite band." What tastes like red meat to some people mostly makes you look small-minded, nasty, and uninformed.