Be In The Next To Normal Video

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Here's how:

The call is out to Next to Normal fans everywhere. Submit your own video and you could become one of the faces of the Next to Normal mashup.

Over the next few weeks, they’ll post the music (piano tracks, courtesy of Mr. Kitt) and lyrics to four Next to Normal songs on Download the material and the rest is up to you and your imagination — and your wicked video skills, of course. Sing the song, dance to it, act it out, cook to it — anything! Whatever you do, make sure to capture your brilliant performance on camera. Submit this video via YouTube (don’t worry, they post very detailed instructions!) and cross your fingers.

When the videos are all in, they’ll be cut together into one gigantic fan-generated YouTube musical mashup video. In the meantime, they’ll post some of the videos on the N2N YouTube channel.

The first song is “I’m Alive.”

Here's the piano tune:… (right click to save; left click to play)

One submission so far: