Rush Is Still Topic #1

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Everyone is giving their two cents.  I guess it doesn't matter what people say, because as long as Rush occupies the center stage as the de facto leader of the GOP, the worse off it is for the GOP.
You can peruse the links (from Memeorandum) below, but the general landscape is this: The Republicans are divided about whether to embrace Limbaugh and his followers, repudiate Limbaugh and his followers, or try to remain on the fence.  The Democrats (with a few exceptions) are eating popcorn, enjoying the infighting (and occasionally spurring it on).
GOP to Michael Steele: Quiet About Rush Limbaugh or You're Fired  —  Apology to Rush Limbaugh aside, new Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is coming under fire from his own GOP troops to shut up and focus on his job of organizing the party and raising money, not fighting with his own political kind.

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Peter Daou / The Huffington Post:
Why on Earth Are Democrats Legitimizing and Empowering Rush Limbaugh?  —  I don't buy into this ‘brilliant’ strategy of elevating Rush Limbaugh in the hopes that it will tarnish Republicans.  —  Focus relentlessly on the disastrous Bush presidency to tarnish Republicans, yes.

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Greg Sargent / The Plum Line:
Limbaugh Attacks Stephanopoulos, Says ABC Falsely Reported That Eric Cantor Disagreed With “Fail” Remark  —  Okay, the Limbaugh wars have just taken yet another weird new turn — Rush is claiming that a high profile GOP leader who appeared to disagree with his professed hope that President Obama …

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 Greg Sargent / The Plum Line:
Rush Refuses To Say Whether Successful Obama Fix Of Economy Would Be Good For The Country  —  Okay, as noted below, I somehow ended up in an extended email exchange with Rush Limbaugh.  In it, Rush repeatedly insisted that his desire for President Obama to fail didn't mean he didn't want the country to “succeed.”

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 Americans United /

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 Ryan Powers / Think Progress:
Pence: ‘You Bet’ We Want Obama's Policies To Fail

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David Neiwert / Crooks and Liars:   Limbaugh's excuse for hoping Obama fails — ‘Dems did it too’ — is baloney
 The New Majority:
LIMBAUGH AT CPAC  —  President Obama and Rush Limbaugh …

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 Al Giordano / The Field on the Narcosphere:
Ugly and Incendiary  —  Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh began …

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 Jonah Goldberg / Los Angeles Times:
The tired war on Rush Limbaugh

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 Andrew Malcolm / Top of the Ticket:
So if Rush runs the GOP, does Michael Moore head the Dems?

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 Chris Good / The Atlantic Politics Channel:
A ‘Rush Is the Leader’ TV Ad

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 Howard Kurtz / Washington Post:
Rush, Back in the Saddle  —  The White House has decided to run against Rush Limbaugh.

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