Eliminationist Rhetoric

Ken AshfordObama Opposition1 Comment

From the blog of a white supremicist:

After the pending Second American Revolution results in killing the people who have wrecked this country — yes, you KNOW who I'm talking about — what are we going to do as a nation to move forward?

There are lots of very very serious things to consider. What to do with the people who are presently living solely on social security? What to do with people who depend solely on medicare? What about the infirm, the retarded, the disabled?

What to do about the debts incurred by the people we got rid of? Repudiate them? That causes wars.

As you might imagine, these are serious issues not to be left to haphazard guesswork after the fact.

I want to form serious working groups; think tanks, to seriously consider these matters.

Getting rid of the scumbags who wrecked the country is the easy part. We can take them out in under an hour. The REAL hard part is what to do once we've gotten rid of them?

This is going to require considerable analysis and forethought. The solutions they came up with over the past 50 years have literally bankrupted the nation. We can't go back down that road so what do we do in the immediate aftermath and then what do we do for the long term?

Your serious thoughts are urgently needed. I suspect the killing will have to begin very soon; likely within a couple months.

For those of you totally perplexed by who it is that has to go and why, read this article from WorldNetDaily that demonstrates the obligations of the feds now exceed the GDP of the entire WORLD!

Any of you foolish enough to think this can be resolved in any manner other than bloodshed are delusional.

You got that?  Killing the liberals is the easy part.