Nothing There

Ken AshfordElection 20041 Comment

For months, wingers have whined about Kerry’s military records, trying to foment grass roots pressure on forcing Kerry to release those records.  Examples here and here.  The right wing blogosphere has “questions” about Kerry’s discharge, although they have nothing to base these “questions” on (in short, it’s a fishing expedition).

Well, Kerry finally signed the Form 180 allowing for the release of his records, and the winger blogosphere breathlessly waited to have an orgasm over what would be revealed. 

And what did the military documents reveal?  Nothing

And now the right wing blogosphere is trying to distract everyone from the obvious egg on their collective faces.  For example, this.  Noting that the released documents actually contain “commendations from some of the same veterans who were criticizing him”, one blogger writes:

This raises the excellent question of why Kerry would be so stubborn and obstinate regarding the signing of Form SF-180. Why didn’t he release the records during Campaign 2004, when it might have made a difference?

Ummmm . . . because the only people who believed the Swift Boaters were people who weren’t going to vote for Kerry anyway? 

Or maybe Kerry just wanted to make you all look like conspiracy-theory morons.  He certainly succeeded.