The Constitution Is Optional Apparently

Ken AshfordConstitution, Education, Pageants, Sex/Morality/Family Values1 Comment

Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham was asked if burning religious books is protected by the same First Amendment free speech rules that cover burning an American flag.

Her answer:

"I know that some people view it as a freedom of speech, however, burning the American flag is not patriotic at all. No American citizen should do that, and you should also respect other religions. I'm a Christian and a faithful person. I would personally not appreciate someone burning the Bible, and that's just a line you do not cross."

No, truthfully.  We all know happened.  She got a question about whether some act should be constitutional or not, and not knowing what "constitutional" means, she answered as to whether or not the act was patriotic or not.  Because in her mind, I suppose, what is constitutional must be patriotic, and vice versa.

Anyway, read this article to both mourn the state of young women to and/or celebrate Miss California's victory.  Or I'll just sum it up for you: of all 51 contestents who were asked if evolution should be taught in schools, only TWO stood up for Darwin — Miss Calfornia (who took the Miss USA title) and Miss Massachusetts.  The rest all hemmed and hawed, didn't understand the question, or said that they didn't believe in science.