What The Wingnuts Are Scared About Now

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What is it?  It's the new logo for the United States Missile Defense Agency, a change from their old logo:

And what is so scaaaaaary about the new logo?  Well, isn't it obvious?  The Drudge Report makes it obvious:


That's right.  The new logo is a combination of the Obama logo and the Islamic flag. 

Blogger Frank Gaffney, writing at BigGovernment.com, a Web site run by Drudge ally Andrew Breitbart, says the new logo may be a sign that the Obama administration has "nefarious" plans for US defense:

The Obama administration’s determined effort to reduce America’s missile defense capabilities initially seemed to be just standard Leftist fare — of a piece with the Democratic base’s visceral hostility to the idea of protecting us against ballistic missile threats. A just-unveiled symbolic action suggests, however, that something even more nefarious is afoot.


Even as the administration has lately made a show of rushing less capable sea- and land-based short-range (theater) missile defenses into the Persian Gulf in the face of rising panic there about Iran’s actual/incipient ballistic missile and nuclear capabilities, Team Obama is behaving in a way that — as the new MDA logo suggests — is all about accommodating that “Islamic Republic” and its ever-more aggressive stance.

Yes, that's right.  The Obama Administration has decided to become soft on terrorism, and they embedded their intentions in a newly-designed logo.  What is this?  Some modern-day DaVinci code?

There's no doubt that the new Missile Defense Logo has similarities between the Obama logo (also red, white, and blue) and the Islamic flag.  But couldn't this possibily be coincidental?

Not to the wingnut conspirators.

Well, I'm going to blow their mind by throwing this logo into the mix: