Miss USA Wants To Blow Up Times Square

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So the newly crowned Miss USA, from Michigan, is an Arab Muslim terrorist, just like our President.  Congrats, Rima Fikah.

Cue wingnut head explosions in three, two…. wait for it!

UPDATE:  And now there's controversy about some stripper photos that were taken of Rima Fikah when she won a stripper contest in 2007.  However, it won't amount to anything since (a) she kept her clothes on and (b) it's not like the Miss USA Pageant cares.

FURTHER THOUGHTS:  Michelle Malkin notes Miss USA's heritage, but what really upsets her was that the new Miss USA supports insurance coverage for birth control.

She also notes that Miss Oklahoma responded to a question by celebrity judge Oscar Nunez (Oscar on "The Office").  It was a conservative response, barks Malkin, so Miss Oklahoma blew her chances.

The question was about Arizona's immigration law which allowed law enforcement to stop anyone that they "reasonably suspect" to be an illegal immigrant.  Miss Oklahoma responded that she is against illegal immigration, but also against racial profiling.  And then added:

“I’m a huge believer in states’ rights. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about America. So I think it’s perfectly fine for Arizona to create that law."

States rights is fine, honey, but human rights (especially those protected by the Constitution) trump states rights.  That's why slavery is unconstitutional, no matter what the Southern states want.

UPDATE — video:


UPDATE:  Jesus' General compiles the winger reaction to the new Miss USA over at the Free Republic:

Miss Hezbollah wins!
by Stepan12

Nope, according to her bio, Catholic. (strange considering birth control comment)
by mnehring

I submit she may just say she is Catholic to avoid being murdered.
by rlmorel

Nope. Lebanese Shi’ite with family ties for Hezbollah.
by rmle

I'm SURE papa Hussein approves of his little westernized slut.
My 2 cent's worth … she isn't that hot.
by knar

She looks like every other Puerto Rican.
by cll

This is a Trump production. I wonder if Obama asked him to promote the Muzzi.
by aimhigh

Our president claims to be Christian, and his middle name is Hussein.
by Sherman Logan

The fix was in, folks. Don’t believe for a second she won on merits. Everything since Obama has taken office has been about appeasing Muslims. This just falls right in line with it all.
by rintense

The Islamic concept of deceiving infidels–taqiyyah–is employed here, just as Mohammed Atta employed it when he patronized strippers and prostitues, drank alcohol in bars, and gambled in Vegas–most of that against Islamic law.
It is their creed and is exactly why they should never be trusted in this country.
by The_Media_never_lie

I’m sorry, but Hezbollah monkies don’t do it for me … LOL …
by Star Traveler

Maybe the IDF/Caterpillar can pancake her like St. Rachel Corrie.
by skimask

MORE:  Debbie Schlussel:

I don’t just wonder if this whole contest is rigged.  I have a feeling that it is.  Clearly, there is affirmative action for Muslim women in beauty pageants and other such “contests.”

And on Fox: