Cheney Implicates Himself

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Well, it’s bound to happen when the wheels of the spin machine fall off. Speaking of the Duelfer Report, Cheney says: "As soon as the sanctions were lifted, he [Saddam] had every intention of going back. . . . [T]he sanctions regime was coming apart at the seams. Saddam perverted that whole thing and generated billions of dollars." (Emphasis mine) … Read More

A Little Law

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ยง 432.135. ASSAULTING OR WILFULLY DISOBEYING SUPERIOR COMMISSIONED OFFICER. A person subject to this chapter shall be punished as a court-martial directs if the person: (1) strikes his superior commissioned officer or draws or lifts up a weapon or offers any violence against him while in the execution of his office; or (2) wilfully disobeys a lawful command of his … Read More

Plame Affair Gets Interesting

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According to today’s Newsday: WASHINGTON — The federal grand jury probing the leak of a covert CIA officer’s identity has subpoenaed records of Air Force One telephone calls in the week before the officer’s name was published in a column in July, according to documents obtained by Newsday. Also sought in the wide-ranging document requests contained in three grand jury … Read More

Would You Care to Elaborate, Mr. President?

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Last month, President Bush spoke with Argentine President Nestor Kirchner at a summit meeting in Monterrey, Mexico. Kirchner told Bush that all but one of the Argentine delegates to the summit meeting were imprisoned during the military dictatorship. Bush responded, "I was a prisoner too, but for bad reasons." Aside from being a dumb thing to say (was Bush implying … Read More

Halliburton Execs Accepted Kickbacks

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It’s hard being a moderate-to-left person these days. Because there’s so much to be smug about. The lack of WMDs in Iraq, for example. I know in many of us, there’s a rather unbecoming little "I told you so" crying to get out. So I’ll just link to this Halliburton Execs Accepted Kickbacks, and quietly try to suppress my gloat.