David Brooks On His Own Party

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He’s pissed: Over the past 30 years, or at least since Rush Limbaugh came on the scene, the Republican rhetorical tone has grown ever more bombastic, hyperbolic and imbalanced. Public figures are prisoners of their own prose styles, and Republicans from Newt Gingrich through Ben Carson have become addicted to a crisis mentality. Civilization was always on the brink of … Read More

Dems In Disarray*

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*If you don’t get the joke, there is a political meme out there known as “Dems In Disarray”.  It seems that certain columnists and websites every so often love to write what is known as a “Dems in Disarray” piece, usually when there is very little about the Democratic Party which is in disarray.  (I’ve even seen “Dems In Disarray” … Read More

Breaking: Who Is The House Speaker?

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As my Twitter feed suggests, something is happening with the GOP House. Kevin McCarthy was expected to voted in as House Speaker.  But the rumor is he is out.  He dropped out. Chaffetz is it. Yup, not a rumor.  McCarthy, who admitted that the Benghazi investigation was politically motivated to get Hillary, dropped out.  Election postponed. Remember, this person comes … Read More

Palin Word Salad: “Speaking American” Edition

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Immigrants to the United States should “speak American,” former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said on Sunday, adding her voice to a controversy triggered by Donald Trump’s criticism of Republican rival Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish. “Speaking American” is a punchline of a joke to show how stupid we are as Americans.  Yet, when Palin used it, she really … Read More

Video I Love And Hate

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On the one hand, there’s nothing better than low information Fox News voters arguing with each other (over, of all things, Donald Trump). On the other hand, these people are from my home state of New Hampshire. (Thank God I don’t know any of them). Enjoy I’m still not too worried about Donald Trump.  Because I’ve seen this movie before: … Read More

The New Word For “RINO” (And What It Says About Republicans)

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In the early 2000s, just as the wars in the Middle East were ramping up, a new word started appearing in the Internet lexicon: RINO.  It stands for “Republican In Name Only”.  It is an insult hurled from Republicans to any member of the GOP who’s more liberal than a Republican “should be”.  Any politician tagged as a RINO — and many … Read More

The Penny Drops

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Over at the right wing site The Daily Caller — one of the many right-wing websites that has grown from a steady diet from Fox News and AM talk radio to form the final wall in the echo chamber — a lonely columnist quietly looks and Donald Trump’s antics and wonders aloud this: What If The Base Is Wrong? by … Read More

Palin’s Nail In The Coffin

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Palin has no friends, including Matt Lewis, who supported her before you even heard of her: You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin It’s time to admit that, whatever their motivation was at the time, the Alaska governor’s critics always had a point. Has conservative genuflection at the altar of Sarah Palin finally come to a halt? In case you missed it, … Read More

Palin’s Speech This Weekend Was So Painfully Bad That Even Conservatives Lament

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Falll-out continued for former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin following her speech at the Freedom Summit in Iowa this weekend, that one commentator called “bizarro,” with others calling it “rambling” and “painful.” On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough lamented  Palin’s decline from the candidate who once wowed a national audience with her speech at the Republican  nominating convention in 2008. … Read More

Calling It Quits

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Jimmy LaSalvia co-founded political action group GOProud to prove to America that the Republican Party is a safe home for gay conservatives. But he no longer believes his own arguments. On Monday, he announced on his blog that he could no longer take his own party’s refusal to stand up to bigotry: he was leaving the Republican Party and had registered as … Read More

Rand Paul And Doughnuts

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Rand is all up in arms over the jack-booted doughnut snatchers: Sen. Rand Paul warned Americans that the federal government is targeting doughnuts, the latest example of the oppressive nanny state in America. "They're coming after your doughnuts!" the Kentucky Republican said, referring to the Food and Drug Administration decision to ban trans fats. Paul added that if the FDA … Read More

Post Shutdown Polls

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Post-shutdown polls are coming in and they are brutal: The numbers: * Dems lead in the generic ballot matchup by 49-38. Among independents — a key midterm constituency — those numbers are 46-35. * Only 21 percent of Americans approve of the way the Congressional GOP is handling the federal budget, versus 77 percent who disapprove. Among independents: 20-78. Among moderates: 14-85.  … Read More

Government Shutdown Is Over (For Now); “Nobody Won” Says Obama…

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… and he's right in a sense.  The Democrats didn't have to concede anything and they didn't gain anything; the Republicans didn't have to concede anything and they didn't gain anything. On the other hand, the Democrats weren't trying to gain anything, and the House Republicans were (they wanted to defund Obamacare), sosomebody did lose in all this. And then there's public … Read More

Oh. Please Sarah. Weigh In.

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Politico reports: President Barack Obama is risking “impeachable” offenses with the way he is handling the debt limit debate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said in a post on her Facebook page Monday. “Defaulting on our national debt is an impeachable offense, and any attempt by President Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit without Congress is also an impeachable … Read More