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Family Research Council's Tony Perkins said on Fox News this morning: "I think over the years the conservative movement has become too aligned with the Republican Party." Why do I love it? Nothing like inter-party wrangling to help the Democrats stave off total disaster in 2010. Which prompts me to ask a question: with the Teabaggers putting their own candidates … Read More

Fox News Poll On Tea Party Movement

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The question posed to Fox News website viewers: What Do You Think Tea Party Movement Is About? The poll is still going on right now, so feel free to weigh in.  RELATED:  From The Moderate Voice: If you read one article today, spend 15 minutes with this report from the NYT re: the so-called “Tea Party” and (loosely) associated groups. … Read More

Who Wants To Get Rid Of Social Security?

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I think many of the Teabaggers, especially the elder ones, will be surprised to learn that it isn't the Democrats who want to take away Social Security, Medicare, and the other programs of FDR.  It's the Republicans… …and they're starting to talk openly about it.

Sarah’s Crib Notes

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Yes, everyone is talking about them. For those in a cave this weekend, the issue is Sarah Palin at the Tea Party convention a few days ago.  She gave a speech, and then there was a Q&A with a moderator.  She clearly had something on her hand, which she referred to (subtly, she thought) in the course of answering questions. A close-up … Read More