Update To “A Tea Party Patriot Says He Might Have To Vote For Hillary”

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A few days ago, I posted a video from a tea party patriot who gave his reasons why he might have to vote for Hillary.

Well, he made up his mind.  He’s NOT going to vote for Hillary.

Kinda has the look and feel of a hostage video, doesn’t it?

The guy’s quick reversal is telling. He doesn’t walk back anything he said in his first video. He doesn’t say Obamacare hasn’t been a boon to his life or that he wants it repealed. He just says a lot of people watched the first video. The implication in his astonished chuckle is that he’s gotten more and angrier feedback than he expected — he’s been lashed by the people he thinks of as his allies and praised by the people he considers his enemies.

It’s an excruciating experience to find yourself at odds with your political tribe. So, for most people, it’s actually borderline irrational to pick fights with your side. This guy’s vote in the 2016 presidential election isn’t going to save Obamacare or doom it; his vote will have no effect on his life at all. But publicly coming out as a Hillary Clinton supporter when he attends the next meeting of his local Tea Party Patriots chapter? He’ll be attacked by his friends, kicked out of a group he loves, smeared on the internet. His public heterodoxy can really hurt his life. It’s not rational for him to announce he’s voting for Hillary Clinton. Policy interests matter, but they’re much more remote from us than our friends, family, and even our email inbox.

I’ll bet he votes for Hillary.