Conservatives Honor Christopher Reeve

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Below are some of the comments made at the Free Republic regarding the passing of Christopher Reeve. They were rescued by Digby before Free Republic deleted them. Wonder if Hell is handicapped accessible. The willingness to sacrifice another life to save his own was not worthy of the Man of Steel. I’m sorry, but I have no compassion for this … Read More

Book Recommendation

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Conservatives and libertarians, you can skip this post. The rest of you: If you are at all like me, one of the questions that may plague you is WHY (why oh why oh why) does so much of "middle America" vote Republican when doing so is clearly against their economic interest. To that end, permit me to recommend Thomas Frank’s … Read More

Cheney Implicates Himself

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Well, it’s bound to happen when the wheels of the spin machine fall off. Speaking of the Duelfer Report, Cheney says: "As soon as the sanctions were lifted, he [Saddam] had every intention of going back. . . . [T]he sanctions regime was coming apart at the seams. Saddam perverted that whole thing and generated billions of dollars." (Emphasis mine) … Read More

Republican Shame Watch

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MSNBC is reporting: LANSING, Mich. – Republicans say filmmaker Michael Moore should be prosecuted for offering underwear, potato chips and Ramen noodles to college students in exchange for their promise to vote. The Michigan Republican Party has asked four county prosecutors to file charges against Moore, charging that his get-out-the-vote stunt amounts to bribery. Now, I haven’t researched this, but … Read More

Not a Satire

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The Texans For Truth group as a new ad out . . . . Speaking of video, check out this news footage of the skirmish at the RNC, showing a Republican kicking a female protester when she was on the ground . . . and then lying about it to a reporter. By the way, notice that that "oh, shit" … Read More

News Alert . . .

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Clinton Has Heart Attack: Mean-spirited Republicans rejoice: No doubt his arteries are clogged up with pounds of MacDonalds hamburgers and pizzas. I at least hope he lives long enough to see JFK AND Hildabeast go down in flames. Then he can go down in flames, metaphorically speaking. I hope his big honkin’ bible is printed on asbestos so he can … Read More

Conservative Guns Now Point at McCain’s Vietnam Record

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Cheesed off that Sen. John McCain, while not moving away from his endorsement of Bush, attacked the Swift Boat Veteran ads as "dishonest and dishonorable", certain elements of the so-called "compassionate" right are now taking their shots . . . at McCain . . . again. Check out this editorial from the conservatives’ favorite "I-don’t-believe-it-except-in-a-pinch" source, WorldNetDaily. I swear, if … Read More

I Love Stats Like These

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They’re rich and chock full of meaning. This I lifted from Eric Alterman’s site. This is, in fact, part of the new afterward to the paperback edition of his book "What Liberal Media?", and it is sssoo-wwweeet: An in-depth study undertaken for the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes and published around the time of the second anniversary … Read More

Not That There’s Anything Right With It . . .

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Regarding the recent conservative push to resurrect the same-sex marriage issue, Paul Waldman has the best tagline: I can’t say for sure, but it does seem that some Republican senators spend more time thinking about homosexuality than any gay person I know. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I don’t know how often Republican senators think about homosexuality and … Read More

A Factoid

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courtesy of Henry Waxman, ranking minority member of the House Oversight Committee: Compare the following: Republicans in the House took more than 140 hours of testimony to investigate whether the Clinton White House misused its holiday card database but less than five hours of testimony regarding how the Bush administration treated Iraqi detainees. (Emphasis added) If that’s even close to … Read More

More Disgruntled Conservatives Speak Out

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Normally, if a conservative says something anti-Bush, I would pass it on and say that another conservative has left the ranch. But this happens with such frequency, that I am beginning to think that is Bush who has left the conservative ranch. Anyway, today’s discontented conservatives are two heavyweight staples of the right, Jesse Helms (R-N.C) and William F. Buckley: … Read More

Orwellian Memo Discovered

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The Washington Post reports about an interesting memo from Republican pollster Frank Luntz. Knowing that how you frame the issues is more important than the issues themselves, Luntz offers Republicans some talking points on phraseology. With voter anxieties about Iraq shadowing this year’s campaign, pollster Frank Luntz has some advice for fellow Republicans: Mind your language. Luntz, according to a … Read More