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Clinton Has Heart Attack: Mean-spirited Republicans rejoice:

No doubt his arteries are clogged up with pounds of MacDonalds hamburgers and pizzas.

I at least hope he lives long enough to see JFK AND Hildabeast go down in flames. Then he can go down in flames, metaphorically speaking. I hope his big honkin’ bible is printed on asbestos so he can carry it with him.

Give him a enema and send him home. The widow Hillary will gather the sympathy vote in 08′

sorry, I cant muster any sympathy. I’d feel the same if they said Saddam was gettin bypass surgery. It’s a waste of time and money.

UPDATE: Appears to be chest pains, but still nothing to dismiss — quadruple heart surgery is required. Meanwhile, the we’ve-come-to-bury-you Republican machine rolls on. Today, when Bush said at a campaign rally that Clinton was "in our thoughts and prayers", the Republican audience (because you can’t into a Bush rally otherwise) . . . booed! Hat tap to my dear LQ.