Clinton Haters v Bush Haters

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Chicago Sun-Times reviewer (and Roger Ebert compadre) Richard Roeper loved "Fahrenheit 9/11" (as did some folks at Fox News, by the way). The response was hundreds of vitriolic e-mails. Richard Roeper responds here, making several astute observations about anti-Bush people vs. anti-Clinton people. The money quote: Folks, do you not see the hypocrisy at work here? This makes about as … Read More

Why Is Everyone Calling This Woman A Nazi Bitch?

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Her name is Mary L. Walker. You can read about her here. [UPDATE: No, you can’t. They took her down a coupla days after I posted this. But you can read the same interview here] She’s the General Counsel of the U.S. Air Force. A woman devoted to God, she offers such advice: To live your life in that context … Read More

Ronald Reagan

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It seems fitting to say a few words in honor of "The Great Communicator" at the time of his passing. It seems more fitting that I not be the one to give such a eulogy. Ronald Reagan had skills as a politician which were undeniable. And his message was welcome to many. But not to me, and it would hypocritical … Read More

House Republican Embarrassment Watch

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I try to have toleration for people with different viewpoints than me. There’s nothing I respect more than loyal opposition. But it’s hard for me to respect conservative House Republicans. I truly feel that many of them have no concept of how our government works. Here’s their latest foray into stupidity: SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited … Read More

Plame Affair Gets Interesting

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According to today’s Newsday: WASHINGTON — The federal grand jury probing the leak of a covert CIA officer’s identity has subpoenaed records of Air Force One telephone calls in the week before the officer’s name was published in a column in July, according to documents obtained by Newsday. Also sought in the wide-ranging document requests contained in three grand jury … Read More

Kay to Prez – “Come Clean”

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Looks like David Kay is getting more and more peeved with the administration. David Kay, the man who led the CIA’s postwar effort to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, has called on the Bush administration to "come clean with the American people" and admit it was wrong about the existence of the weapons. In an interview with the … Read More

R.I.P. Moral Majority?

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Daily Kos blogger DHinMI has interesting thoughts on social conservatism in America. Just look at the record. Since the early 1990’s the Supreme Court has upheld both Roe v Wade and the use of affirmative action in college admissions, and it struck down state sodomy laws. More children attend day care than ever. More women work out of the home … Read More

Greg Crist Embarrassment Watch

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Yeah, I didn’t know who he is either. It turns out he’s the spokesmen for the House Republican Conference. Here’s what he’s quoted as saying recently: "Democrats are practicing a questionable form of politics in attacking something that is law." Boneheaded or what? Gee, I guess that means Republicans can’t attack abortion, or re-define the legal definition of marriage for … Read More

Halliburton Execs Accepted Kickbacks

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It’s hard being a moderate-to-left person these days. Because there’s so much to be smug about. The lack of WMDs in Iraq, for example. I know in many of us, there’s a rather unbecoming little "I told you so" crying to get out. So I’ll just link to this Halliburton Execs Accepted Kickbacks, and quietly try to suppress my gloat.