Coalition Of The Stupid

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Right-centrist blogger John Cole says it all.  The following is from him, but it echoes the sentiments of every educated person regardless of political persuasion: By now you have probably already heard (the hazards of not blogging for a few hours) that President Bush has endorsed the inclusion of intelligent design in public school curricula: President Bush said Monday he … Read More

Update On The Kansas Evolution Hearings

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As most people know, the Kansas State Board of Education is having hearings to determine if evolution should be taught and/or if the "Intelligent Design" theory (which, by the way, isn’t science) should be taught.  Everyone knows it is a bit of a sham, as the outcome as already been predetermined. What’s striking about it, however, is that those who … Read More

Question Time

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Sharon Hughes, a conservative columnist at Alan Keye’s Renew America site, asks some pretty dumb questions: Could it just be possible that teaching evolution as fact, that students come from animals and without purpose, be responsible in any way for the increase of crime and other social problems, such as rape, that we’re seeing amongst our youth today? No. For … Read More

Kansas To Debate Whether Adam Had A Navel

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Amanda Marcotte notes: Also on the agenda for the Kansas Board of Education–whether or not unicorns simply forgot to board the Ark and if "the curse" is women’s punishment for being daughters of Eve. It’s science! Well, it’s better science than Intelligent Design theory. It’s time to face up to it–these religious nuts are not about to give up thinking … Read More

Scenes From A Cultural Revolution

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Billmon compares the right-wing attempts to "improve" academia with other cleansings of the past: The Left has taken over academe. We want it back. Mike Rosen, Rocky Mountain News columnistCU is Worth Fighting ForMarch 4, 2005 In this great Cultural Revolution, the phenomenon of our schools being dominated by bourgeois intellectuals must be completely changed. Central Committee of theCommunist Party … Read More