Kansas To Debate Whether Adam Had A Navel

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Amanda Marcotte notes:

Also on the agenda for the Kansas Board of Education–whether or not unicorns simply forgot to board the Ark and if "the curse" is women’s punishment for being daughters of Eve. It’s science! Well, it’s better science than Intelligent Design theory.

It’s time to face up to it–these religious nuts are not about to give up thinking that wishing will make their beliefs reality. So, I agree with Katha Pollitt that it would be best to compromise, and they can live in their fantasy world and the rest of us can keep living in reality.

Under the new plan, creationists could continue their efforts to wreck science education and dumb down their kids–but first, they would pledge to abstain from any real-life benefits of evolutionary theory. Flu vaccines, for example, rely for their effectiveness on yearly reformulation to account for the evolution of the influenza virus. No evolution? Achoo for you!

The secondary advantage is that, during flu season at least, you can tell whether the person passing out fliers on the street corner is inviting people to a concert or fixing to lecture on Jeebus by whether or not they’re sneezing.

Hurry up, Rapture! The only people that want it more than the believers are the non-believers.