Question Time

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Sharon Hughes, a conservative columnist at Alan Keye’s Renew America site, asks some pretty dumb questions:

Could it just be possible that teaching evolution as fact, that students come from animals and without purpose, be responsible in any way for the increase of crime and other social problems, such as rape, that we’re seeing amongst our youth today?


For instance, as pointed out by Gary DeMar in his editorial, "The Dark Side of Evolution," two evolutionists, writing in the Academy of Science magazine, The Sciences, stated, "Rape is a ‘natural, biological’ phenonmenon, springing from men’s evolutionary urge to reproduce." Couple this with the over-the-edge sex-ed now being taught in schools, should we be surprised when we hear that middle school kids are having sex, even in the classroom?

See, that’s what is wrong with kids today — instead of coming home and playing Sony Playstation games, they’re at school, reading obscure and scholarly articles in the Academy of Science journal.

When they’re not screwing each other in the classrooms, that is.