Can Dish It Out But . . .

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… can’t take it, apparently.

It has been 10 days since I first posted on Cindy Sheehan, and after sticking my neck out and taking massive amounts of ongoing abuse and ridicule for giving her the scrutiny she deserves, I am more than happy to let others pick up the slack.

Then she links to others who continue continue slamming Sheehan

Yes, Michelle.  Smearing grieving mothers is, to quote Bush, "hard work".

Compare — Cindy Sheehan, on Wednesday:

The right wingers are really having a field day with me. It hurts me really badly, but I am willing to put up with the crap, if it ends the war a minute sooner than it would have.

NOTE: Cindy actually has left Crawford, to attend her ill mother who had a massive stroke.  She hopes to return soon.