Dem Debate No. 1 Quick And Dirty Review

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Look — it was too many candidates, covering too many issues, in too short a time. I watched last night to see if there were any standouts in the bottom tiers (Warren, being the only one in the pack who is in the top five polling-wise) My take, in order of my pre-debate preference: Warren: no changeBooker: looking slightly betterCastro: … Read More

Dem Debate No.1 One Is Tonight

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The first debates of the 2020 Democratic presidential race are here. Ten candidates will participate tonight beginning at 9:00 pm ET. And the second 10 — led by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg — go on Thursday. Slated for tonight: Cory Booker, Bill de Blasio, Julián Castro, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Jay Inslee, Amy Klobuchar, Beto … Read More

Biden Can Work With Bigots, But Don’t We Want Someone Who Can BEAT Them?

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Joseph R. Biden Jr., defending himself on Tuesday night against suggestions that he is too “old fashioned” for today’s Democratic Party, invoked two Southern segregationist senators by name as he fondly recalled the “civility” of the Senate in the 1970s and 1980s. Speaking at a fund-raiser at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, Mr. Biden, 76, stressed the need … Read More

Trump Kills The Messengers

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A peak inside Trumpland shows that if you speak truth to him, he goes on off on you. This is how he is in private: President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is cutting ties with some of its own pollsters after leaked internal polling showed the president trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in critical 2020 battleground states, according to a … Read More

Dem Debates Lineup:

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Wednesday, June 26: Booker Castro de Blasio Delaney Gabbard Inslee Klobuchar O’Rourke Warren Thursday, June 27: Biden Bennet Buttigieg Gillibrand Harris Hickenlooper Sanders Swalwell Williamson Yang The first night is a gift to Warren, since she is among lower-level people, and it is the first night (more likely to get more viewers). Thursday looks like the heavy hitters, and for … Read More

Trump: No Collusion, No Collusion, But Would I Collude? You Bet!

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In an Oval Office interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Trump said he would consider accepting information on his political opponents from a foreign government, despite the concerns raised by the intelligence community and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III over Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Trump also said he wouldn’t necessarily alert the FBI if a foreign country … Read More

2020 Election Polls Continue To Bash Trump

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Note that all six of the candidates mentioned here bet out Trump OVER the margin of error. That’s not all. After a devastating 17-state poll conducted by his campaign, Trump was also behind in key states to Biden. What did Trump do? He told aides to deny that his internal polling showed him trailing Mr. Biden even though he is … Read More

Smoking Gun: Hard Drive Of Deceased GOP Consultant Shows Census Question Had Partisan Motive

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The move by the Trump administration to add a citizenship question to the census can be traced back directly to the work of a Republican redistricting expert who studied how to create maps that “would be advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites,” according to new evidence revealed in court documents filed Thursday. How the evidence even fell into the challengers’ … Read More

Monmouth NH Poll Has Biden On Top

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Look. It’s waaaay to early for these things, but with 20+ Democrats in the mix, it’s an early bellweather of who has New Hampshire’s attention and who doesn’t. New Monmouth NH poll: – Joe Biden 36% Bernie Sanders 18% Pete Buttigieg 9% Elizabeth Warren 8% Kamala Harris 6% Cory Booker 2% Amy Klobuchar 2% Beto O’Rourke 2% John Hickenlooper 1% … Read More

To Impeach or Not?

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Okay, we have the Muller Report, which — as everyone says — is a roadmap for Congress to start impeachment proceedings, or at least go forward with investigations leading to impeachment proceedings. Steny Hoyer, the number-two Democrat in the House, even after the long-awaited Mueller report, is not on board. “Based on what we have seen to date, going forward … Read More

Who Has Declared For 2020

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Eighteen notable elected officials and public figures have entered the race: Cory Booker (D)Pete Buttigieg (D)Julian Castro (D)John Delaney (D)Tulsi Gabbard (D)Kirsten Gillibrand (D)Kamala Harris (D)John Hickenlooper (D)Jay Inslee (D)Amy Klobuchar (D)Wayne Messam (D)Beto O’Rourke (D)Bernie Sanders (I)Donald Trump (R)Elizabeth Warren (D)Bill Weld (R)Marianne Williamson (D)Andrew Yang (D)

Trump’s Electoral Problem

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Trump may have gotten a slight bounce from his SOTU speech (although the only post-SOTU poll is the unreliable Rasmussen), but from a 2020 re-election perspective, he should not be popping any champagne bottles. According to Morning Consult: Trump’s base remained fairly solid, with 83 percent of Republicans approving of the president. But that share of support among Republicans was … Read More

A Trump Primary Challenge?

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AP reports: Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld has changed his party registration from Libertarian back to Republican as he mulls a possible primary challenge against President Donald Trump. Weld served as a Republican governor from 1991 until 1997. He later became a Libertarian and ran for vice president on a ticket with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson in the … Read More