Dem Debate No. 1 Quick And Dirty Review

Ken AshfordDemocrats, Election 2020Leave a Comment

Look — it was too many candidates, covering too many issues, in too short a time. I watched last night to see if there were any standouts in the bottom tiers (Warren, being the only one in the pack who is in the top five polling-wise)

My take, in order of my pre-debate preference:

Warren: no change
Booker: looking slightly better
Castro: looking much better
Klobucher: no change
O’Rourke: looking much much worse
Inslee: looking slightly better
Delaney: looking much worse
Ryan: looking much worse
Gabbard: no change
De Blasio: looking worse

All had good moments, but I was particularly impressed with Castro. Warren is still my pick (out of these ten)

And these five can end their candidacy as far as I’m concerned:

De Blasio

Trump weighed in like a child wanting attention when all the “adults” in the room were talking:

Tonight’s debate contains all the heavy-hitters (sans Warren() — Biden, Sanders, Harris and Buttigeig. I doubt any of the others will make a mark at all.