Kennedy vs. Foxx

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Digby thinks he "may just pull this thing out".  Well, I hate to be pessimistic, but Billy Kennedy's chances against Virginia Foxx in NC-05 are just about zero: he's down 30 points in the polls.  I will say this though: he's running a great campaign.     Granted, he's up against Virginia "Matthew Shepard was a hoax" Foxx, but this is North … Read More

Shut Up And Spin The Wheel, Pat

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It's very common to see conservatives take potshots at "Hollywood liberals", i.e., how Hollywood is full of liberals.  Even if it is true — and it probably is — I never quite understood the reason why it generates such outrage.  So what?  Do you hear progressives whine and moan about how country music is full of conservatives? Anyway, I've always dismissed … Read More

We Have A Winner

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The Tea Party crowd sure does bring an odd assortment of politicians to the forefront.  You know what I mean — politicians who are people "just like you and me".   Which is true. I know I'm always having to disavow being a witch. But in the race to crazy, the winner has to be Ohio Congressional candidate Rich Iott. Iott likes to dress up … Read More

The Pledge Is Here!

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In Sterling, VA, House Republicans this morning will unveil their governing blueprint if they win back the majority in November. It’s called “A Pledge to America,” but it really isn’t a call to revolutionize the way Congress does business like the GOP’s “Contract with America” did in 1994. Rather, the “Pledge” is a laundry list of priorities.  The 21-page document … Read More

She Weighs The Same As A Duck

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Christine O'Donnell, the anti-masturbation anti-condom Tea Party candidate who was vaulted into the national spotlight when she ousted moderate Republican Mike Castle for the bid for Delaware's U.S. Senate seat, says she merely "dabbled" in witchcraft, and besides, it was in high school and it served as a learning experience for her. Which, I suppose, is better than admitting it … Read More


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From The Hill:   The following Democrats have come out in support of extending all of the George W. Bush-era tax cuts. A full extension of the tax cuts would include those individuals making more than $200,000 and families making more than $250,000. This list will be updated as more members make their position known. House: Mike Ross (Ark.) Ann … Read More

The O’Donnell Victory

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Well, it may seem counterintuitive that Democrats are cheering the victory of Tea Party-backed candidate Christine O'Donnell as the GOP candidate as US Senator for Delaware, but that's what they are doing.   Christine O'Donnell, a perennial candidate running on a platform of fiscal conservatism (despite having had tons of personal financing problems) defeated incumbent GOP senator Mike Castle, in a victory which stunned politicians … Read More

The News You Won’t Read

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Last week, a major story covered by all the major media outlets was the weekly Gallup poll showing that Republicans were 10 points up over Democrats in the tracking of congressional voting preferences.  That was the highest in a decade we were told.  And it meant DOOOOM for Democrats in the upcoming congressional races. EVERYBODY said so. Except…. it's a weekly … Read More

Polls and the Upcoming Elections

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Kevin Drum highlights some of the results from the latest Washington Post poll: Okay, let's summarize.  Americans trust Democrats more to handle the country's problems.  Americans think Democrats represent their values better.  Americans think Democrats are more concerned with the needs of people like them, and they think Democrats deserve to be reelected at a higher rate than Republicans. So who will most … Read More

Showdown in Pahrump

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Maybe all elections should be decided this way…. CARSON CITY, Nev. — The 10 of clubs wasn't quite good enough.  That's what Carl Moore Sr. drew Thursday in the tiebreaker between two rural Nevada county commission candidates who sought the Republican nomination in the June 8 primary.  Nye County Commissioner Andrew "Butch" Borasky, who survived a recall last year and … Read More

The Byrd Has Flown

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It's really hard to mourn the passing of Senator Robert Byrd at age 92 (D-WV).  He's nobody's favorite senator, certainly not among Democrats.  He was the last vestige of conservative southern Democrats opposed to desegregation, and one of the few who didn't migrate to the Republican party after efforts to block desegregation failed.  Born in North Carolina, Byrd was once … Read More

How Republicans Will Govern

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I don't hold out much hope for the Democrats in the midterm elections this year, but if they want to do well (or, at the very least, mitigate their losses), then they need to get this message out, and repeat it over and over and over again:

America Speaks Out

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The Republican Party, apparently devoid of ideas themselves, have launched a website called "America Speaking Out".  It's an election-year gimmick intended to help give the GOP a policy platform to run on, except that you, Mr. and Mrs. America, get to set the policy platform.  It's all designed to show that Republicans are "of the people" and they hear you. … Read More