We Have A Winner

Ken AshfordElection 2010, Tea PartyLeave a Comment

Iott-atlantic-watermark-cropped-proto-custom_2 The Tea Party crowd sure does bring an odd assortment of politicians to the forefront.  You know what I mean — politicians who are people "just like you and me".  

Which is true. I know I'm always having to disavow being a witch.

But in the race to crazy, the winner has to be Ohio Congressional candidate Rich Iott.

Iott likes to dress up like a Nazi.

Yes, it is a rather unusual hobby of his… dressing up as a member of the 5th SS Wiking Panzer Division, a unit in the German army during World War II.  And now Iott has to go on teevee and explain why he belongs to a group that honors German soldiers.

Just like you and me.