Nineteen Mets Injured in Frenzy of Post-Game Finger Pointing

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Lol: Injuries include three scratched cornea, two punctured eardrums and fourteen badly bruised psyches. NEW YORK, NY (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — No one knew precisely what triggered it, but suddenly the morgue-like locker room transformed into a furious martial arts flick, as fingers came flying from all directions. They came fast and they came hard and when it was … Read More

Red Sox Take AL East

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Which is why I display a rather embarrassing Papelbon and Youk danceoff: The post-season fun begins tonight, with the Angels at Fenway.  The Angels may pose a bigger obstacle to the Pennant than the Yankees.  The Red Sox and Angels are pretty evenly matched, but our pitching bench is healed and well-rested, and the Manny-Ortiz-Lowell gauntlet is in full force.  … Read More

They’re Not Dead; They’re Resting

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So says Fox Sports: Repeat after me, Red Sox Nation: It’s not 1978. In 1978 — hello — there was no wild card. After the Red Sox blew their 14-game lead to Bucky Bleepin’ Dent and Co., they had no chance to win the World Series. Now, the Sox are taking steps to enhance their chances of winning the Series, … Read More


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Seriously, you guys are killing me. RELATED: Serious debate at Over The Monster as to whether or not the Red Sox should even try to win the division, as opposed to "getting the house in order for October".

Ten Games Left

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…and only 2.5 games in front of the Yankees.  I guess I shouldn’t mind — a wild card spot is a virtual guarantee.  And I suppose it is more important to have a healthy, well-rested team for the playoffs than it is to force players to play hurt or pushing pitchers (starters, closer) too hard in an all-out attempt to … Read More

5-0 In The Bottom Of The 8th…

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…as I write this.  Red Sox have gotten only two hits. Sadly, No, predominately a political humor blog, just posted this: My Undying Hatred Posted at 21:12 by The Hon. Dr. St. Rev. Bradley S. Rocket, Esq, PhD, MD All you had to do was not get swept by the Yankees this week. That’s all you had to do. And … Read More

Tony C: A Life Too Short

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It will be 40 years ago today that Red Sox slugger and Boston legend Tony Conigliaro was hit below the left eye by a pitch from the California Angels’ Jack Hamilton, shattering his cheekbone, severely damaging his vision, and derailing a career that seemed destined to end in the Baseball Hall of Fame. At the time, he was only 22, … Read More

Just Sayin…

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BARRY BONDS – 1987 Games Played: 150 Batting Average: .261 Home Runs: 25 Runs Per At Bat: 22.0 Listed Weight: 185 BARRY BONDS – 2001 Games Played: 153 Batting Average: .328 Home Runs: 73 Runs Per At Bat: 6.5 Listed Weight: 228

Red Sox Mid-Season Checkup

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53 wins (best in both leagues) 34 losses 10.0 game lead in AL East (last year at this time, it was 3) .609 precentage (best in both leagues) Team batting average: .273 Team ERA: 3.76 (third best in both leagues) Only team in baseball this year to have six representatives at the All-Star Game Not complaining…. UPDATE:  In comments and … Read More

May Ain’t October, BUT….

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I’m loathe to write about the Red Sox, because I have a feeling that the second I do, they’ll start sucking. But I gotta say… I’m liking what’s happening.  Mother’s Day?  Down 5-0 in the bottom of the ninth …and they come back to win?  Yesterday?  Dice-K becomes the first Bosox rookie since 1994 to throw a complete game, trouncing … Read More