Red Sox Mid-Season Checkup

Ken AshfordRed Sox & Other Sports1 Comment

  • 53 wins (best in both leagues)
  • 34 losses
  • 10.0 game lead in AL East (last year at this time, it was 3)
  • .609 precentage (best in both leagues)
  • Team batting average: .273
  • Team ERA: 3.76 (third best in both leagues)
  • Only team in baseball this year to have six representatives at the All-Star Game

Not complaining….

UPDATE:  In comments and via email, Mom notes that the Sox have the same record this year that they had at this point in the ’06 season, when they fell apart in August and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2002.  The difference of course is that they have a 10 game cushion to fall back on this time which they didn’t have before.

She’s going to the game on Sunday.